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Neighborhoods in Vancouver

Are you considering relocating to Vancouver and looking for the perfect neighborhood to call home? With its diverse communities, picturesque surroundings, and ample amenities, Vancouver offers a wide range of neighborhoods to suit every lifestyle. Whether you're seeking a bustling urban center, a quiet residential area, or a trendy waterfront district, Vancouver has something for everyone. Keep reading to discover the top neighborhoods in Vancouver and find the perfect place to settle down. What are the safest neighborhoods in Vancouver?

1. Kitsilano, Vancouver

Kitsilano 1

Waterfront neighborhood famous for its saltwater pool and iconic mountain views. Visitors will find a host of fresh seafood restaurants alongside Vancouver's Maritime Museum. Kitsilano Beach is a popular leisure spot during good weather.

2. Mount Pleasant, Vancouver

Mount-Pleasant & Riley Park Art

Artsy neighborhood that harbors a lively community. The streets are lined with vintage stores, boutiques, and independent cafes. By night, Mount Pleasant's craft beer joints and cocktail bars come alive.

3. Fairview, Vancouver

Granville Island & Fairview 2

Bustling neighborhood with lots to discover. Fairview sits on the south bank of False Creek and encompasses Granville Island. Both spaces offer the usual mix of eateries, walks, and nightlife. Markets and studios can be found too.

4. Yaletown, Vancouver

Yaletown-False Creek - Neighborhood view

Populated neighborhood located between Downtown Vancouver and False Creek. Formerly an industrial area, Yaletown has grown into a trendy locale comprising warehouse eateries and cocktail lounges. Undergoing gentrification.

5. Coquitlam, Vancouver

Coquitlam City

Another neighboring city that exists more as a suburban extension of Vancouver. Coquitlam offers plenty of commercial and social appeal whilst also providing access to the landscapes of British Columbia. Here, urban quickly meets rural.

6. Gastown, Vancouver


Upbeat district lined with Victorian architecture which houses indie galleries, diverse eateries, and trendy bars. At the center of the area, visitors can find the famous “Steam Clock” – an antique-style whistling timepiece.

7. Chinatown, Vancouver, Vancouver

Chinatown & Strathcona

The largest Chinatown in Canada and one of the largest in North America. Though an area undergoing constant evolution, the neighborhood remains a congruence of international eateries, boutiques, cultural landmarks, and community.

8. North Vancouver, Vancouver

North Vancouver 2

A city in its own right, North Vancouver sits across the water of Vancouver Harbour. With sea views to one side and the mountains on the other, it's a gateway to the landscapes of BC. The city itself also has a rich social culture.

9. New Westminster, Vancouver

New Westminster 1

Former capital of British Columbia on the banks of Fraser River. As well as being a historical and cultural hub, the area's waterfront streets host a healthy number of eateries, cafes, and bars. Relax as boats float by on the water.

10. Burnaby, Vancouver


City treated much like an outer suburb of the Vancouver sprawl. The once sleepy, cranberry-producing area is now an education and commercial hub, housing two large universities and numerous high-tech companies. Dotted with parklands.

11. Downtown Vancouver, Vancouver

Downtown & Yaletown Neighborhood

Fast-paced and filled with activities, Downtown Vancouver lives up to its busy reputation. Bars, boutiques, and businesses are aplenty; all options are on the table. Enjoy the city's biggest sports venues, art galleries, and restaurants.

12. South Vancouver, Vancouver

Vancouver South Autumn

Comprising mainly of residential neighborhoods, the city’s southern district has a homely charm. Well connected to the north and Downtown by TransLink and SkyTrain, residents and visitors are never too far from the action.