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Kid Friendly Spots in Vienna

Are you looking for fun and family-friendly activities in Vienna? Look no further! Vienna is packed with exciting kid-friendly spots that are sure to keep your little ones entertained. From interactive museums to sprawling parks and playgrounds, there is something for every child to enjoy in this vibrant city. Looking for the best places to take your kids in Vienna? Keep reading to discover the top family-friendly spots for your next adventure!

1. ZOOM, Vienna

ZOOM - Part of interior

Museumplatz-based institution housing interactive exhibits, experimentation and play areas, studios, and workshop spaces - all designed for a young audience. An enjoyable environment for children to learn and play.

2. Altmann & Kühne, Vienna

Altmann & Kühne Exterior

Operating since 1930, and having endured the WWII era, Altmann & Kühne has earned its place as an Austrian institution. The house special is the "Grillage" - a chocolate cube laced with almond brittle.

3. Eis-Greissler, Vienna

Eis-Greissler Interior

An ice-cream brand offering over 100 flavors - from classics to creative. Various soy and oat milk varieties also cater to vegans, and other dietary requirements. Example flavors include poppy seed, pumpkin seed, and elderflower.