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Cafes in Vienna

Vienna is renowned for its enchanting cafes that have become an institution in the city's culture. From traditional coffee houses to trendy modern cafes, Vienna offers a diverse array of options for coffee connoisseurs and casual visitors alike. Are you looking to experience the charm of Viennese cafes or discover the best spots for specialty coffee in the city? Join us as we explore the vibrant cafe scene of Vienna.

1. Café Landtmann, Vienna

Cafe Landtmann Food

One of Vienna's most prominent coffee houses, Café Landtmann's abundance of finely crafted desserts is sure to please. The café was also a favored haunt of Gustav Mahler and Sigmund Freud.

2. Balthasar, Vienna

Balthasar Front

Balthasar takes the art of coffee seriously as this family-run business has been open for over a century. The coffee is freshly brewed and fragrant, and the relaxed atmosphere is perfect for enjoying a leisurely cup.

3. Café Prückel, Vienna

Cafe Prückel Food

A mix of old-world charm and modern style. The café's large windows are perfect for people-watching, and their menu features a wide variety of traditional Austrian dishes. Order a classic Wiener Frühstück - it never misses.

4. Caffè Couture, Vienna

Caffè Couture Exterior

This simple but chic space is located in Ferstel Passage, a Baroque arcade that was once a bank and stock exchange. Serves specialist barista coffee made with Hario equipment. Great for an uplifting espresso or casual flat white.

5. Demel, Vienna

Demel Dessert

This historic confectioner's shop has been serving up mouth-watering cakes, pastries, and chocolates since 1786. Try a classic apple strudel, or one of their famous langues de chat au chocolat.

6. Café Sperl, Vienna

Café Sperl Exterior

Established in 1880, this café boasts elegant engraved panelling, parquet floors, wooden chairs, and low-hanging lamps. This is an ideal spot to relax and take your time enjoying a strong coffee.

7. Café Sacher, Vienna

Cafe Sacher Dessert

Located in the five-star Hotel Sacher Wien across from the Vienna State Opera. Defined by Gemütlichkeit - the German ethos of warmth and friendliness - Café Sacher is an ideal space to relax and soak up the Viennese atmosphere.