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Sightseeing in Vienna

Discover the rich history and cultural heritage of Vienna through its breathtaking sights and landmarks. From the majestic Schönbrunn Palace to the iconic St. Stephen's Cathedral, there is no shortage of stunning attractions to explore in this vibrant city. Are you wondering what to see in Vienna in just a day? Let us guide you through the must-visit destinations for a memorable sightseeing experience.

1. The Hofburg, Vienna

The Hofburg Palace

This historic palace has been the site of many important events in Austria's history, including the 1815 Congress of Vienna. Today, The Hofburg serves as the home and offices of the president, and boasts the Austrian National Library.

2. St. Stephen's Cathedral, Vienna

St Stephen'S Cathedral Vienna

Towering Gothic structure that dominates Stephenplatz - the geographical center of Vienna. One of the city's most popular attractions, which has also been represented in literature, art, and film.

3. University of Vienna, Vienna

University Of Vienna - View

With a long and rich history, the University of Vienna has grown into one of Europe's largest and most prestigious institutions. A niche sightseeing attraction for its architecture and Nobel Prize laureates.

4. Looshaus, Vienna

Looshaus Exterior

A premier example of Vienesse Modernist architecture. Designed and built in 1912 by Adolf Loos as a bank - it now serves as an events space and local landmark. A sight to note when passing by Michaelerplatz.

5. Wotruba Church, Vienna

Wotruba Church - Exterior

Officially the Church of the Holy Trinity but called Wotruba Church after its architect, Fritz Wotruba. It's like a modern Stonehenge, set in a tranquil landscape and surrounded by wine country.

6. Hundertwasser House, Vienna

Hundertwasserhaus Art

This avant-garde building was designed by Friedensreich Hundertwasser, an artist and architect who had a vision for creating organic, natural forms. The apartment building integrates over 200 trees and shrubs on its roof and balconies.

7. Jubiläumswarte, Vienna

Jubiläumswarte Tower

Forest observation deck on the western outskirts of Vienna. Meander through the surrounding forestland and then ogle at views of the city from above the canopy. Be warned: the only way up and down is a spiral staircase.

8. Austrian Parliament Building, Vienna

Austrian Parliament Building Interior

A historicist build, the Austrian Parliament Building takes great influence from Greek and Roman architecture. Though almost completely destroyed during WWII, a comprehensive restoration effort returned the building to its former grandeur.

9. Majolikahaus of Otto Wagner, Vienna

Wienzeile Ensemble Exterior

One of a pair of apartment buildings constructed by Otto Wagner. A prime example of Vienna Secession-style architecture and also embellished with majolica tiles - a type of glazed pottery. A visual landmark to note.

10. DC Tower 1, Vienna

Dc Tower 1 Vienna

At 250-meters - with spire - this towering landmark is Austria's tallest building. Built on former swampland, DC Tower 1 is the centerpiece of Vienna's Donau City business district. A sister tower is set to be built in the near future.