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Products in Berlin

1. Ivy Berlin, Berlin

Ivy Berlin jacket

Hand-made party inspired clothing.

2. Brandstifter Gin, Berlin


Berlin Dry Gin made with local ingredients and a family recipe.

3. Kaweco Pens, Berlin


Kaweco .7 mm gel pen.

4. OUT, Berlin


Contemporary furniture designed in Berlin and made in Germany.

5. Modular Berlin Polaroids, Berlin

Polaroid Modulor Berlin

Take Berlin's obsession with photobooths with you wherever you go.

6. Bouche Kombucha , Berlin

Bouche Kombucha

Bouche sampler in 6-pack or 12-pack with all flavors: the classic Lemondrop, Earlybird, and the latest and greatest Hybiskus7.

7. Walking Wild - Berlin mit Hund, Berlin

Walking Wild

Discover Berlin with your best furry friend. Recommendations, walks, excursions and accommodation for people and dogs.

8. Crazy Bastard Sauce, Berlin

Hot suace made in small batches. Unique flavors including ghost pepper mango.

Choose three Crazy Bastard Sauce flavors. Hand made in Berlin.

9. GmbH Vinyl Trousers via Voo Store, Berlin

GMBH Voo Store patent leather trousers with zipper feature

Men's patent leather trousers with zipper feature.

10. Nest Bowl, Berlin

For your table or your ceiling - NEST system is a powder coated metal bowl, ideal for fruit, bread, or vegetables.

For your table or your ceiling - the NEST system is a powder-coated metal bowl, ideal for fruit, bread or use the hole in the bottom and hang on a bulb. Its airy, open construction allows air to circulate.

11. Kentholz Table, Berlin

Pink Terrazzo Table

Locally handcrafted using historic wood and terrazzo.

12. Rübbelberg Eggnog, Berlin

100% real bourbon, vanilla, egg yolk, a hint of lime, and locally produced grain. Everything organic.

100% real bourbon, vanilla, egg yolk, a hint of lime, and locally produced grain. Everything organic.

13. Supersmash Ping Pong Paddles, Berlin

Artistic design focused table tennis and ping pong paddles.

Ping pong paddles for design snobs.

14. Paul Kalkbrenner Berlin Calling Vinyl , Berlin

Berlin Calling

For the 10th anniversary, Berlin Calling by Paul Kalkbrenner is available on double vinyl for the very first time.

15. Colors Studio Sweater, Berlin

Colors Studio yellow crew neck sweatshirt

"Fluent" Colors crewneck made using natural dyes synthesized from non-edible agricultural and herbal industry waste.

16. Liebeskind , Berlin

Berlin Bag Chelsea Weaving

The Berlin Bag Chelsea Weave.

17. IKEA Tote, Berlin

Multi purpose shopping bag

A shopping bag that can carry everything from market goods to laundry. Everyone walks around with this tote.

18. Berliner Luft, Berlin

Berliner Luft traditional peppermint liqueur.

A minty spirit that makes you feel like you are walking on air, Berliner Luft translates literally to ‘Berlin Air’. The peppermint liqueur is a refreshing drink to have between the beers. Like mouthwash but in a good way.

19. The Travel Backpack Original, Berlin

Travel Backpack Original

Modular and transformable 3-in-1 backpack made from recycled PET bottles.

20. Fountain of Youth Coconut Water, Berlin

Fountain of Youth

Fresh, young coconut water. 100% natural and sourced from Thailand. A project by The Michelberger Hotel.

21. Very Ugly Plates, Berlin

Very Ugly Plates

Every day Berlin humor served on Very Ugly Plates. A project by Berlin-based artist, Kamila Majcher.

22. Yahmo Bomber Jacket, Berlin

Rack of Yahmo jackets hanging in front of a concrete wall

Yahmo is a Berlin clothing brand paving the way for creativity, color and expression in the sustainable fashion world. Each features colors and patterns inspired by vintage clothing with modern silhouettes and eco-friendly materials.

23. Polar Embassy, Berlin

Polar Embassy Playing Cards displayed in front of Club Mate

Berlin based Polar Embassy publishes playing cards, a kids game, and a Club Mate themed Tarot card set.

24. Florida Eis, Berlin

chocolate ice cream in a chocolate shell

Found in Berlin supermarkets everywhere due to Florida Eis being particularly locally loved. Extensive selection of flavors, many of which are vegan, lactose-free, and gluten-free.