Bakeries in Berlin

If you're looking for the best bakeries in Berlin, look no further. Berlin is a haven for bread lovers, with a plethora of artisanal bakeries offering a variety of delicious treats. Are you wondering where to find the most mouth-watering pastries in the city? Look no further as we explore the top bakeries in Berlin that are sure to satisfy your cravings.

1. Zeit für Brot, Berlin

Zeit Für Brot Mini

Zeit für Brot, or, "time for bread," is a warm and friendly bakery that welcomes customers to watch as they go about their work. Besides bread, try the raspberry and white chocolate bun, along with the cinnamon and chocolate rolls 🍞🥖.

2. Du Bonheur, Berlin

Du Bonheur Interior

A little piece of Paris in Berlin 🍮. While you can grab light meals here, be warned that the gorgeously presented French pastries are absolutely out of this world. You'd be challenged to pick just one, but go for the millefeuile.

3. Albatross Bakery, Berlin

Albatross Bakery Breakfast

Wonderful sourdough, babka, and other baked goods. Excellent coffee and a nice little selection of delicatessen as well. One bench of outdoor seating.

4. SoFi, Berlin

Exterior of Sofi bakery in Mitte showing brick and walled plants

Phenomenal bakery in a hidden Mitte courtyard. From fresh pastries to homemade focaccia, everything is worth trying at least once. Coffee available as well.

5. Kame Bakery, Berlin

a tray of pastries on a table

Cafe focused on Japanese baked goods, treats, and drinks. Simple in both design and concept, Kame is wonderful to visit for either a quick matcha or for a longer hangout. Very friendly and polite staff.