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Standard Activities in Berlin

1. Funkhaus Berlin, Berlin

Funkhaus Berlin 3

Entertainment venue in a former GDR broadcasting complex. This all-in-one facility offers restaurants, music studios, event spaces, and a concert hall. Tour the location by day and attend a show in the evening.

2. Columbiahalle, Berlin

Columbiahalle Interior

The perfect size for concert venues: not too big, nor too small, it's just right. Cheap drinks and great shows – good acoustics too for the music nerds. Definitely one of the best places to see a show in Berlin.

3. Delphi Lux, Berlin

Delphi Lux Seats

A cinema experience. Each of the intimate screening rooms are uniquely designed and you're guaranteed a carefully curated movie selection. With friendly staff and movie snacks sorted, it's the perfect night in/out.

4. Hamam, Berlin

Hamam - Hamam bath

Women’s Turkish sauna in the heart of Kreuzberg with a Hamam bath and private treatments - the facilities are designed to cleanse the skin and leave visitors feeling rejuvenated. Bookings can be made online.

5. Beach61, Berlin

Beach61 Outdoor

This is a great place to meet people. Well-kept beach volleyball 🏐 courts that you can rent out or just hang around. Get some drinks and food and sit at the picnic tables. Bring sunglasses and a hat 😎🧢.

6. Sunyoga, Berlin

Sun Yoga - Part of interior

Hot yoga venue holding a variety of classes and courses. Welcoming to all, the friendly studio introduces patrons to the practice of Bikram Yoga. Studio temperatures are regulated and range between 35°C and 40°C.

7. Koka 36, Berlin

Koka 36 - Interior

Small shop in the heart of the city selling tickets to local theatre and music events. Known for being a hassle-free experience, the store simplifies the process of attending performances throughout Berlin.

8. Olympiastadion Berlin, Berlin

Olympiastadion Berlin

Stadium built for the 1936 Olympic Games in Berlin. They still host matches and concerts here as well as allow visitors on non-game days. Bring good shoes for a lot of walking. Nice spot for history and sports buffs.

9. Astor Film Lounge, Berlin

Astor Film Lounge - Entrance 1

Think movie theater, but make it fancy. Art Deco-style venue that shows classic films and new releases. Enjoy high-quality beverages and finger foods in front of the big screen. A premium cinema experience.

10. Pool und Cigars, Berlin

Pool und Cigars

Of a few popular billiard halls, Pool und Cigars is on the nicer end. Tucked into the Kulturbrauerei, the building itself is something to see and they often have live sports going on a project. Rare for Berlin!

11. Babylon Kreuzberg, Berlin

Babylon Kreuzberg Interior

One of two Berlin Babylon cinemas, most people usually end up at the one in Mitte (also nice, but a different experience). Often chosen as a film festival site, Babylon works hard to put together director showings and other fun surprises.

12. Das Hotel Radio, Berlin

Das Hotel Bar Island Corner

Evolved from live music at Das Hotel bar in Kreuzberg, Das Hotel Radio puts on concerts and live performances showcasing some of Berlin's most creative talents.

13. Peace Yoga, Berlin

Peace Yoga - Part of interior 1

Yoga studio focusing on the practice of Jivamukti - a yogic method that combines physical movement with philosophy and spiritual activism. The facility holds classes in German and English, as well as community-based workshops and retreats.