Products in Portland

1. Imaginary Authors, Portland

imaginary authors

Wildly inventive fragrances.

2. Blue Star Donuts, Portland

blue star donut 1

Donuts for grownups. The dough takes 18 hours to make and is made by hand every day.

3. Laundry PDX, Portland

laundry PDX vintage

Rare, vintage, and authentic sports jerseys and athletic apparel from Nike, Adidas, Champion, and more.

4. Vero Watches, Portland

vero watches

Modern watches crafted in Portland.

5. Betsy & Iya Jewelry, Portland

Betsy & Iya Jewelry

Ethical & sustainable jewelry.

6. Jacobsen Salt, Portland

jacobsen salt

Eat & live well through the finest elemental kitchen staples. Jacobsen Salt gathers water from pristine Netarts Bay, crafting top-notch ingredients that go beyond salt on the rugged Oregon coastline.

7. Columbia, Portland


Waterproof full-grain leather hiking boot.

8. Dehen 1920, Portland

dehen 1920

Heavy-duty old-school apparel made in Portland.

9. Hydro Flask, Portland

Hydro Flask

Insulated stainless steel water bottles are customizable for every adventure.