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Products in Rio de Janeiro

1. HStern Jewelry, Rio de Janeiro

Stainless steel ring with diamonds from the HS Signature collection.

Stainless steel ring with diamonds from the HS Signature collection.

2. Serpui Handbags, Rio de Janeiro


Luxurious yet playful handbags that are known for lively shapes, patterns, and an offbeat look.

3. Farm Rio Dresses, Rio de Janeiro

Cruise collection Farm Rio

Dresses in bold patterns and colors that look like happiness year-round.

4. Blueman Sungas, Rio de Janeiro

Blueman Sunga

In Brazil, swimwear is a key piece of the wardrobe. Men wear singas. Tight, short, retro-style cossies and Blueman is known for its fabrics and fits.

5. Acai Smoothie Packets, Rio de Janeiro

Pitaya Foods Smoothie Packet

Organic acai berry smoothie packets loaded with immunity-boosting vitamins. These berries have been a staple food for centuries by local Brazilian inhabitants.

6. Havaianas Sandals, Rio de Janeiro

Havaianas in neutral tone with glitz.

Rubber sole flip-flops are made in vibrant, colorful patterns.

7. MaRio De Janeiro Testino, Rio de Janeiro

Mario De Janeiro Testino by Mario Testino red published by Taschen

Testino’s love poem to the Brazilian metropolis as he captures the sensuality and lust for life. Photos by Mario Testino. Introduction by actress Regina Casé, foreword by songwriter Caetano Veloso, essay by supermodel Gisele Bündchen.

8. Osklen Dress, Rio de Janeiro

Osklen open sided sustainably made dress rust colored

Open side midi dress. Made sustainably in Brazil.

9. Macrame Hammock, Rio de Janeiro

Macrame Fringe Hammock seats two

Macrame fringe hammocks can be found in many Rio homes. Made of 80% sturdy cotton and 20% polyester fiber. Perfect seat for two.

10. Carioca Das Gemas Jewlery , Rio de Janeiro

Carioca Das Gemas  layered energy crystal necklaces bracelets and accessories

Layered mixed necklaces that represent the star signs. Made with energy crystals.

11. Redley Shoes, Rio de Janeiro

Redley Sneakers skate lifestyle shoes

Timeless Brazilian footwear rooted in youth culture made for a light and uncompromising lifestyle.

12. Cariuma Sneakers, Rio de Janeiro

Cariuma low top canvas sneaker with cork insole

Canvas low-top sneakers with a cork and memory foam insole.