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Cafes in Rio de Janeiro

Looking for a cozy spot to grab a cup of coffee in Rio de Janeiro? Look no further than the vibrant and bustling cafes scattered throughout the city. From trendy espresso bars to traditional Brazilian coffee houses, Rio de Janeiro offers a diverse array of options for coffee lovers. Are you wondering where to find the best pastries to pair with your latte in Rio de Janeiro? Keep reading to discover the top cafes in the city!

1. Academia da Cachaça, Rio de Janeiro

Academia Da Cachaça Food

Sporting over 100 types of cachaça, Academia da Cachaça is a worthy spot to sip on a few caipirinhas. The iconic institution is well-versed in the varieties and technicalities of Brazil's national cocktail. Visit with an entourage.

2. Gaia Art & Café, Rio de Janeiro

Gaia Art & Café Breakfast

The joint enterprise of a vegetarian eatery and art space. Gaia promotes creative-artistic exchanges over health-oriented fare. Fill up on a vegan burger, or graze through some appetizers and coffee.

3. Copacabana Kiosks, Rio de Janeiro


The kiosks of Copacabana - facilitators of a successful beach experience. Venues that range from everyday utilitarian shopping, to all-out party starters with casual dining and festive drinks. Praia Skol is a popular example.