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Arts & Culture in Rio de Janeiro

Discover the vibrant world of arts and culture in Rio de Janeiro, where creativity and passion collide in a melting pot of music, dance, and visual arts. From the iconic street art of Santa Teresa to the lively beats of samba pulsating through the city, Rio is a cultural haven waiting to be explored. Are you curious about the best places to experience live music in Rio de Janeiro? Let us guide you through the must-see spots for an unforgettable cultural journey.

1. Museu do Amanhã, Rio de Janeiro

Museu Do Amanhã Design

An interactive museum dedicated to the study of applied sciences, Museu do Amanhã is a place where visitors can learn about today's most cutting-edge discoveries, as well as how they could shape the future.

2. Niterói Contemporary Art Museum, Rio de Janeiro

Mac De Niterói Design

Niterói Contemporary Art Museum opened in 1996, and was designed by Oscar Niemeyer. Niterói's saucer-shaped structure, perched on a cliff above Guanabara Bay, frames Rio de Janeiro and contains a collection of modern art.

3. Artur Fidalgo Gallery, Rio de Janeiro

Artur Fidalgo Vase

Located in the Shopping Cidade Copacabana, which was designed by Henrique Mindlin in the 1960s. Open every weekday and features rotating exhibitions from talented artists like Ernesto Neto and Bill Lundberg.

4. Museu de Arte Moderna, Rio de Janeiro

Museu De Arte Moderna Art

A museum conscious of its place in the community. The resident collection, internationally renowned, contains more than 15,000 artworks, and 1,500 photographs taken by Brazilian and international photographers.

5. Sítio Roberto Burle Marx, Rio de Janeiro

Sitio Roberto Burle Marx Park

Former home of Roberto Burle Marx, a Brazilian landscape architect. Now an important cultural center, Marx's residence harbors over 3500 species of tropical and subtropical plants. The space includes buildings, lakes, art, and nurseries.

6. Nara Roesler Gallery, Rio de Janeiro

Galeria Nara Roesler Hands

Brazilian contemporary art gallery nestled between the beach and Lagoa Rodrigo. Contains minimal exhibition spaces within a tastefully-converted house. Artists on the roster include Xavier Veilhan, Antonio Dias, and Abraham Palatnik.

7. Anita Schwartz Art Gallery, Rio de Janeiro

Anita Schwartz Galeria De Arte Colors

A fixture on the Rio de Janeiro art scene for more than three decades. Schwartz's elegant 700-square-meter gallery is located in Baixo Gávea, a small neighborhood where the city's young people congregate on weekends to drink and eat.

8. Paço Imperial, Rio de Janeiro

Paço Imperial Museum Sky

Once the Royal Palace of Rio de Janeiro, Paço Imperial now serves as a cultural center that hosts contemporary art exhibits and events. Also a great spot for coffee and people watching.

9. Theatro Municipal, Rio de Janeiro

Theatro Municipal Exterior

Theatro Municipal is an exemplar of European architectural influence. After a storied history, the concert hall remains one of South America's most important venues. Book a tour, or watch one of the theater's many performances.

10. Instituto Moreira Salles, Rio de Janeiro

Instituto Moreira Salles Photo

The Instituto Moreira Salles is a photography-led gallery, but there's also music, literature, and film. The Instituto's exhibitions feature Brazilian and international visual artists.

11. A Gentil Carioca, Rio de Janeiro

A Gentil Carioca Collection

A Gentil Carioca houses contemporary Brazilian art with a slant towards politics and activism. The gallery's work often spills into the street, with the artists installing outdoor sculptures and public furniture pieces.

12. Fábrica Bhering, Rio de Janeiro

Fabrica Bhering Cafe

Located in Rio de Janeiro's port area since the 1930s, Fábrica Behring was once a chocolate factory. Today, it serves purpose as a multipurpose art space and cultural center - it contains studios, workspaces, cafés, and shops.

13. Lurixs, Rio de Janeiro

Lurixs Black

In 2017, one of Rio's most renowned contemporary galleries relocated to Leblon, where it now operates out of a four-story art space. See the work of Oiticica or Clark, amongst other well-known Brazilian artists represented by Lurixs.

14. Museu de Arte do Rio, Rio de Janeiro

Museu De Arte Do Rio Woman

A cultural landmark in Rio's harbor zone. Spanning two buildings - one listed and one modernist - the museum is a multi-use exhibition space for art, education, and history. The venue's terrace restaurant is popular in its own right.