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Weekend Trips in Amsterdam

1. Maastricht, Amsterdam

Maastricht Historical

Visit one of the oldest, and possibly, most beautiful cities in the Netherlands. Located two and a half hours from Amsterdam, the city of Maastricht offers plenty of sightseeing opportunities, restaurants, cultural experiences, and more.

2. Muiden, Amsterdam

Muiden - Castle

Just a quick 20-minute drive from Amsterdam is the town of Muiden. The town is most famous for its 13th-century castle, which even has a moat and drawbridge. Other highlights include boat trips along the River Vecht.

3. Zaanse Schans, Amsterdam

Zaanse Schans - Water House

One of the Netherlands' most touristic locales, but worth a visit nonetheless. The Zaandam neighborhood is headlined by its bevy of waterside windmills - many having been relocated to create the feel of 18th-19th century village.

4. Hilversum, Amsterdam

Hilversum - Forest Path

Hilversum is less than a 40-minute drive from the capital - an ideal escape. Once called the "Garden of Amsterdam", many visit for its walking and cycling opportunities. The town itself is also nice, with a few interesting buildings.

5. Utrecht, Amsterdam

Utrecht City

Less than an hour drive south of Amsterdam is the town of Utrecht. The city center has many historic buildings, along with a stunning canal system. Another main attraction is just outside the city, The De Haar Castle.

6. Alkmaar, Amsterdam

Alkmaar - Market

Small city located 40 kilometers north of Amsterdam. The historic cheese market, with over 30,000 kilos of product, is the main attraction here - artisans and vendors use traditional methods to weigh, carry, and sell their goods.

7. Gouda, Amsterdam

Gouda Square

The eponymous home of Gouda cheese, about an hour drive south of Amsterdam. There are plenty of cheese related activities here, including a museum and traditional market. Non-cheese interests include architecture and stroopwafels.

8. Leiden, Amsterdam

Leiden Trips

An hour south of Amsterdam is the historic town of Leiden; famous for its historic architecture and university - the country's oldest. There are a few interesting museums, including one with works from the locally-born Rembrandt.

9. Delft, Amsterdam

Delft - Architecture

City southwest of Amsterdam intersected by canals and famous for being the manufacturing hub of Delftware - a brand of handpainted blue and white pottery. Visitors often spend their days wandering the old town and market square.

10. Rotterdam, Amsterdam

Rotterdam - View

Rotterdam, located just thirty minutes by train from Amsterdam, is one of the largest cities in the Netherlands. Its post-WWII revival has led the city to become most famous for its modern, innovative architecture.

11. Enkhuizen, Amsterdam

Enkhuizen Exterior

Coastal city an hour north of Amsterdam by train that was once one of the most prosperous in the Netherlands. Local highlights include the settlement's 16th-century walls and the Zuiderzeemuseum.