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Weekend Trips in Tokyo

1. Odawara, Tokyo

a white building with black roof

Picturesque city built around the reconstructed 15th-century Odawara Castle. Guests can take a walk through the castle parks, admire the plum blossoms, or take a look at the castle museum. Well worth a trip.

2. Kinugawa Onsen, Tokyo

Kinugawa - Nature

Popular vacation town for Tokyo natives and those looking to spend time amongst nature. The area is famed for its natural hot springs. A gondola beside the Hot Spring Shrine also grants access to the summit of Monkey Mountain.

3. Manazuru, Tokyo

Manazuru - Rocks and Bridge

Harborside town that remains off the mainstream tourist trail. Accessible by the Tōkaidō Main Line, visitors can explore the rustic streets and bay, all with a backdrop of leafy green cliffs. The area is also popular for water sports.

4. Shikinejima, Izu Islands, Tokyo

Shikinejima - Lagoon

Volcanic island 160 kilometers south of Tokyo. Whilst not the most accessible place to travel, keen explorers are greeted with a white, sand-laden horseshoe bay and oceanside natural hot springs. Rent a bike and roam around.

5. Aogashima, Izu Islands, Tokyo

Aogashima  Japan

Sparsely populated volcanic island in the Philippine Sea. Interestingly, Aogashima harbors a secondary cone within its primary caldera. There are many things to do on the island, such as hiking, visiting hot springs, and caving.

6. Kawasaki, Tokyo

Kawasaki - Park

Industrial city just south of Tokyo. Take a saunter to the Museum of Art, dedicated to the creator of Doraemon, or walk through the open-air folk house museum.

7. Hakone, Tokyo

Hakone - View

Mountain town renowned for its hot springs and views of Mount Fuji. Other highlights include the red torii gate built into the water overlooking Lake Ashi and the Hakone Botanical Garden of Wetlands. A year-round destination.

8. Edo Wonderland, Tokyo

Edo Wonderland  Street

A unique theme park that recreates the life and culture of the Edo period. Features rural lodgings, urban samurai residences, and several traditionally themed theaters.

9. Yugawara, Tokyo

Yugawara Waterfall

Coastal town southwest of Tokyo. A retreat from the big city, Yugawara is known for its natural hot springs and traditional inns. Other notable attractions include several waterfalls, famous groves of plum trees, and Shitodo Cave.

10. Nikko, Tokyo

Nikko - Bridge

Traditional town at the foot of Nikko National Park where guests can enjoy a harmonious blend of nature and civilization before venturing into green space.

11. Chichi-jima - Ogasawara Islands, Tokyo

Chichi-Jima - Ogasawara Islands Ocean

A popular tourist destination for its scenic views, clear blue waters, and secluded atmosphere. Visitors can enjoy snorkeling or scuba diving, sunbathing, and hiking. There are also a number of historical sites and museums to explore.

12. Mikura-jima, Tokyo

a group of houses by the water

One of the Izu islands, this volcanic island is a little slice of well-preserved paradise. Visitors can swim with dolphins in the sapphire seas or move inland to hike in the primeval forests. Overnight lodging is available.

13. Izu Ōshima (Ōshima Island), Tokyo

Izu Ōshima - Stairs

Active volcanic island off the coast of Honshu is popular with tourists coming from Shizuoka and Tokyo. Though there are pockets of civilization, visitors can take a breath of fresh air and immerse themselves in nature.