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Weekend Trips in Seoul

1. Gwacheon-Si, Seoul

Gwacheon-Si View

Gwacheon-si lies just south of Seoul, and can be accessed via the metro line. Take the trip to the zoo, either of the area's amusement parks - Seoul Land and Grand Park - or the National Science Museum.

2. Gapyeong-gun, Seoul

Gapyeong-Gun Lake

Escape the city and enjoy the nature of Gapyeong-gun, just an hour train ride from Seoul. Hike Yeonin Mountain, or explore around Cheongpyeong Lake. There is also a rail park here, where tourists pedal along tracks to enjoy the views.

3. Chuncheon-si, Seoul

Chuncheon-Si Flowers

An hour and a half subway ride from Seoul, and the capital of Gangwon Province. Chuncheon is great for seeing more natural attractions, like Nami Island and the Garden of Morning Calm. The city also harbors several amusement parks.

4. Busan, Seoul

Busan Buildings

Located on the south-eastern tip of South Korea, and the country's second largest city. Busan offers plenty of reasons to make the trip - from beautiful beaches, to impressive temples and a national park.

5. Namyangju, Seoul

Namyangju Garden

City on the northeastern boundary of Seoul - a convenient day trip. Namyangju is also the location of several Imperial Tombs. Other highlights include Piano Waterfall and the National Arboretum.

6. Yeongjongdo, Seoul

Yeongjongdo영종도 Beach

Yeongjongdo is located just off the coast of Incheon, a city west of Seoul. The island's primary allure is its beaches - visit when wanting some respite from interior city life.

7. Incheon, Seoul

Incheon - Buildings

Incheon is a port city and transportation hub that borders Seoul. There are several islands just off the coast with beautiful natural landscapes. The city itself has a large Chinatown and some great fish markets to explore.