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Weekend Trips in Mexico City

1. Tepoztlán, Mexico City

Tepoztlan Street

A colonial town cradled by mountain peaks. Tepoztlán is located 75-kilometres from Mexico City, and is most noted for its mountain-top pyramid, El Tepozteco - a place of spiritual importance. The town also boasts a thriving dining scene.

2. Nevado de Toluca, Mexico City

Nevado de Toluca Lake

Stratovolcano, and the fourth highest peak in Mexico, Nevade de Toluca now serves as the epicenter of its eponymous national park. Panoramic vistas from the peak are worth the hike. Bring cash for entry, parking, and transport.

3. Chimalistac, Mexico City

Chimalistac Walks

It's like stepping into another world. Think old stone structures and foot bridges, historical monuments that are interesting, and the most sublime walking paths.