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Standard Bars in Berlin

1. Tier, Berlin

Tier Drink

For out-of-the-glass cocktails dreamed up by some of the best bartenders around, paired with an energy that is uniquely theirs. Because of this, it gets quite busy, quite quickly, so best you get there early ⏰.

2. The Lir, Berlin

The Lir Irish Bar Exterior

About as close to an Irish ☘️ pub as you can get in Berlin. Wonderful fish and chips along with a great Guinness pour. Solid place to come catch a game 🏉 as well.

3. Neue Odessa Bar, Berlin

Neue Odessa Bar

The peak of "cool Berlin" Mitte snobbiness and an absolute scene. It can be a great time if you're in the mood, but would only recommend in small doses. The bathrooms are (in)famous for taking the party up a notch. Yes, in that way.

4. Space Meduza, Berlin

Space Meduza Exterior

Relatively new to the Kreuzberg bar scene, Space Meduza is full of friendly faces that haven't seem to have yet bent to the usual saltiness that comes with Berlin nightlife. Alien space themed decorations and a few solid beers on tap.

5. Dachkammer, Berlin

Dachkammer Exterior

Casual, cosy spot to have a few drinks 🍺. Go for the chilled-out atmosphere, which is brought together by the friendly staff, interesting guests, and unique decor.

6. Anna Hirsch Bar, Berlin

Anna Hirsch Bar Beer

Cozy down-to-earth bar (rare for Torstraße). Cocktails are solid and the staff is welcoming and friendly. Bench or bar seating.

7. Minimal Bar, Berlin

Minimal Bar

Iconic Friedrichshain establishment on (in)famous Rigaer Strasse. Equal parts mellow and energetic with a very fun little dance floor DJ'd with electronic music until late late late. They also have a ping pong table and beer on tap.

8. Mr. Susan, Berlin

Mr. Susan - Glass of drink

Late-night basement bar with a modern speakeasy vibe. A great spot for well-crafted and creative cocktails, Mr. Susan is known for its skilled mixologists and quick service. One more drink is always on the cards.

9. Boese Buben Bar, Berlin

Boese Buben Bar Entrance

Coffee shop meets book store meets bar. Go for a breakfast and get a coffee and a cake. Feel free to stick around all day and see how it transforms into one of Mitte's more tucked away watering holes.

10. Basalt, Berlin

Basalt - Glass

Cocktail bar committed to its botanical theme - the space is inundated with indoor plants and leans on its green color scheme. Basalt's drinks are celebrated for their quality and creativity. A venue that punches above its weight.

11. Macke Prinz, Berlin

Macke Prinz Exterior

Wonderful little kiez bar overlooking Zionskirchplatz ⛪️🌿. It's hard to find a more picturesque spot to sit outside during the summer. In the winters it transforms into a perfect (low-lit and smoky) place to huddle up away from the cold.

12. Train Cocktailbar, Berlin

Train Cocktailbar Interior

It's a cocktail bar inside an old train, with cozy outdoor seating. The drinks are excellent 🍸. Good starting point to explore nearby Schöneberg cocktail bars.

13. Promenaden Eck, Berlin

Promenaden Eck

Owned by the same people who run Birgit and Minimal Bar, Promenaden Eck has a similar relaxed vibe that also somehow carries through until the early morning, basically... every morning. Good sound system with a fun dance floor.

14. Booze Bar Berlin, Berlin

 Booze Bar Berlin Interior

Hopefully you're not the type to check the menu in advance, because there isn't one. The bartender will ask you what you're in the mood for, then create a special cocktail just for you 🍹. Excellent service and experience.

15. Victoria Bar, Berlin

Victoria Bar Exterior

Plush interiors in a way that feels like you're on the set of a movie. They pride themselves on the pleasure of drinking, and it shows. Cocktails are mixed to perfection and made to suit your personal preferences.

16. Badfish Bar, Berlin

Badfish Bar Exterior

Your classic local Berlin neighborhood bar with a shockingly good pint of Guinness and a solid selection of whiskeys. They also do craft beer and quality cocktails. They serve alcohol, it's nice. Don't think too hard about it.

17. Mein Haus am See, Berlin

Mein Haus am See

The tourist trap of all tourist traps but it is central, open 24/7, and has free WiFi so you might, maybe, potentially, could, possibly, inevitably find yourself here. Upstairs theater style seating with a downstairs dance floor.

18. Thelonius Bar, Berlin

Theolonius Bar Exterior

Thelonius is renowned not just for the great cocktails, but for the super friendly bartenders who mix them up against a backdrop of jazzy vibes.

19. ick koof mir Dave Lombardo wenn ick reich bin, Berlin

ick koof mir Dave Lombardo wenn ick reich bin Exterior

While at one point this might have been a metal bar (Google: Dave Lombardo), it's definitely a bit quieter nowadays. Great to stop by for a pint of Rollberg or to try one of their 50+ gins.

20. Würgeengel, Berlin


Cozy cocktail bar with lovely décor and warm lighting. Can often get quite full on weekends, but has a more relaxed environment during the week. Excellent and friendly bartenders - try a Whiskey Sour or White Negroni.

21. Ä Bar, Berlin

Ä Bar

About as stereotypically Berlin as a bar can get. Darkly-lit, serving cheap beer and generous wine pours, and with a separate area for non-smokers, Ä is a rare find in Berlin.

22. Die Apotheken Bar, Berlin

Die Apotheken Bar - Part of interior

Cocktail bar housed within, as its name suggests, a former apothecary. Dimly lit and with vintage decor, the bar delivers an intimate ambiance. Drinks are creative, and their cost reflects the quality.

23. Biererei, Berlin

Biererei Bar - Tower of Drinks 2

Beer bar with a huge selection of taps (even IPAs!) on Oranienstrasse. Friendly and knowledgeable owner with additional curbside seating.

24. Dschungel Bar, Berlin


A living jungle (dschungel!), this is maybe the only place you can come in Berlin during the winter to feel any sort of heat or humidity. Fun little spot that pulls a good crowd and has a friendly bartender. They have fish tanks.

25. Meine Bar ICI, Berlin

Meine Bar ICI

Jazzy bar that has a great selection of beer and wine to drink next to a cozy fireplace. Walking in feels like you're being transported into a Berlin bar 50 years ago. Smoking friendly – goes with the board games ♣️.

26. Kaia Bar, Berlin

Kaia Berlin Interior

One of your many "kiez" bars in and around Simon-Dach-Strasse, but endearing nonetheless. Known for its Guinness just as much as its cocktails, with a live DJ on weekends to boot.

27. Lerchen und Eulen, Berlin

Lerchen und Eulen Interior

Open so late you can end up here even after striking out at a few clubs, it's hard to not have a great night among the flowers at Lerchen. It's also a great spot to sit outside during the day for a coffee, Aperol, people-watching, etc.

28. Cafe Luzia, Berlin

Cafe Luzia Interior

A non-smoker bar in Berlin? Can't believe it but it's true. Eclectically laid out with a main center bar that hip 20-somethings huddle around trying to get a drink, it's a good spot to go to start a night.

29. Nathanja & Heinrich, Berlin

Nathanja & Heinrich Interior

Definitely a date bar, but also just... nice? It's not too smokey in here and the furniture and layout are cozy. Cocktails are solid and they also do beer, wine, and some light snacks.

30. Ratzeputz, Berlin

Ratzeputz Exterior

Delicious cocktails mixed with top notch spirits, tasty craft beers (as well as the staples), and a wine list featuring independent vineyards from all over Europe. Cozy at night, and work-friendly during the day. Trivia on Sundays.

31. Villa Neukölln, Berlin

Dim lighting interior of Villa Neukolln bar

Wonderful Neukölln bar that's cozy in the front and cavernous in the back (with a stage!). Depending on the night artists will jump on to perform or play shows.