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Weekend Trips in Cape Town

1. Bosjes Manor House, Cape Town

Bosjes, Breede Valley Design

The vast land (and working farm!) includes a five-suite guesthouse, vineyards, fruit orchards, and dining at Lorens Engelbrecht's Bosjes Kombuis. Also a sight - the surreal, bird-like chapel designed by Steyn Studio 🕊️. Luxury retreat.

2. Babylonstoren Wine Estate, Cape Town

Babylonstoren Cape Town

Deserving a full day of attention, the Babylonstoren Wine Estate is ideal for foodies and wine fanatics. The resident hotel perfects understated elegance. Cultivates 13 types of grape - go for the wine, stay for the spa and gardens.

3. Agulhas National Park, Cape Town

Agulhas National Park Cape Town

Home to the rare red hartebeest and loggerhead sea turtle, this park also harbors several historical sites - including the country's oldest fishing village. Enjoy a variety of habitats; from rocky shorelines, to dunes and sandy beaches.