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Weekend Trips in Rio de Janeiro

1. Arraial do Cabo, Rio de Janeiro

Arraial Do Cabo Road

A coastal town with some of the most beautiful waters in Rio de Janeiro state. There is a rich diversity of marine life and coral reefs - if possible, visit during the Humpback migration. A perfect setting for water sports and activities.

2. Grumari, Rio de Janeiro

Grumari Waves

Rio de Janeiro's West Zone includes the neighborhood of Grumari. As a municipal park, it is the city's only non-residential neighborhood. Take a taxi here - buses cannot enter the area - for the quiet beaches and forested hills.

3. Petrópolis, Rio de Janeiro

Petrópolis Nature

Mountainside city to the north of Rio de Janeiro where many locals go to escape the summer heat. Hike in the mountains, take a tour of the Imperial Museum, or visit Cervejaria Bohemia - one of Brazil's first breweries.

4. Teresópolis, Rio de Janeiro

Teresópolis City

Renowned for its mountain views, Teresópolis is a stunning city inland of Rio de Janeiro. Serra dos Órgãos is the main attraction - a national park with hiking routes and waterfalls that neighbours the city.

5. Cabo Frio, Rio de Janeiro

Cabo Frio Blue

A beautiful tourist destination in Brazil, famous for its stunning beaches and crystal clear waters - many of Cabo's beaches are good for surfing. Located 170km east of Rio de Janeiro, it's an ideal place to escape the city and relax.

6. Ilha Grande, Rio de Janeiro

Ilha Grande Palm Tree

Forested island 180-kilometers from Rio de Janeiro. Premier location for outdoor activities, including hiking and water sports. The south-eastern Lopes Mendes beach is considered one of the most beautiful in the world.

7. Prainha, Rio de Janeiro

Prainha Beach

Where mountains meet white sand and sea. A popular spot amongst the area's serious surfers, Prainha offers one of the best beach experiences in Rio. An undercurrent makes it unsuitable for swimming, so casual visitors stick to sunbathing.

8. Armação dos Búzios, Rio de Janeiro

Armação Dos Búzios Blue

Located 170 kilometers from Rio de Janeiro, making it ideal for a quick getaway. This small peninsula has everything needed for a beach vacation - from gorgeous beaches, to an abundance of eateries and nightlife options.

9. Niterói, Rio de Janeiro

Niterói Beach

Rio de Janeiro and the city of Niterói are linked by a bridge spanning Guanabara Bay. Alongside the city's impressive contemporary art museum, the wider Niterói area hosts a number of great beaches - Itacoatiara is considered the best.

10. Saquarema, Rio de Janeiro

Saquarema Rio

Saquarema is a municipality located just two hours east of Rio de Janeiro. As to be expected from the country's surfing capital, the area boasts many of the country's finest beaches. Visit, jump on a board, or just watch the pros.

11. Cachoeiras De Macacu, Rio de Janeiro

Cachoeiras De Macacu Mountains

This town is located in the Três Picos State Park, and is home to dozens of waterfalls of renowned beauty. Cachoeiras de Macacu has become a hub for trekking and mountaineering, alongside other types of extreme sports and ecotourism.