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Dinner Spots in Toronto

Are you looking for the best dinner spots in Toronto to satisfy your appetite? From trendy eateries in the Entertainment District to cozy bistros in the Annex, Toronto offers a diverse culinary scene that caters to every palate. Whether you're craving gourmet cuisine, casual fare, or international flavors, this guide will help you discover the top dining destinations in the city. Wondering where to find the best rooftop dining options in Toronto with stunning views? Let's explore the top dinner spots that offer delicious dishes and unforgettable dining experiences.

1. Actinolite, Toronto

Actinolite Food

Gourmet meets a warm, homely atmosphere where the chefs plate freshly foraged and seasonal ingredients. Actinolite allow their local suppliers to influence the menu, changing it frequently to offer only the best produce.

2. SARA, Toronto

Sara - Plate of food

Dining concept serving global cuisine in a clean and minimalist space. Sharing is recommended but half portions are available for solo diners - the idea being to sample as much of the menu as possible. The latkes are a standout.

3. Scaramouche, Toronto

Scaramouche - Food and drink

Scaramouche is an upscale restaurant atop Benvenuto Place serving a sophisticated rendition of French haute cuisine. A popular and proven venue that overs views of the Toronto skyline. Book in advance.

4. Pizzeria Libretto, Toronto

Pizzeria Libretto Interior

A reliable, city-wide Neapolitan pizzeria offering dine-in and take-out options. The restaurant focuses on local ingredients and simple cooking methods. The extensive menu also provides ample choices for vegans and gluten-free diners.

5. Buca, Toronto

Buca Table

Upscale Italian restaurant cooking with locally sourced ingredients. Expect traditional Tuscan food with an artisanal flare. Make reservations at either of their Toronto locations - both venues are sleek and modern.

6. Oddseoul, Toronto

Oddseoul - Food and drink

Oddseoul serves Korean small dishes in a hip and cozy bar setting. Take a seat at the bar for some Korean tacos and a cocktail or grab a table for Korean-style tapas with friends. The venue also has a rear patio for alfresco occasions.

7. Piano Piano, Toronto

Piano Piano Pasta

So good they named it twice. This Italian restaurant chain offers three Toronto locations, each recognizable by the signature rose murals painted on their facades. Portions are known to be on the small side, but the quality is evident.

8. Patois, Toronto

Patois - Food 1

Culinary concept devoted to merging food ideas and cultures. Patois brings Caribbean, specifically Jamaican cooking, together with Asian soul foods. Popular dishes include patties, jerk chow mein, and Chinese pineapple burgers.

9. RASA, Toronto

Rasa - Food and drink

Sister restaurant to "SARA". RASA seems to have hit a good tone with its global culinary experience - there's something for everyone on the menu. All served in an industrial-chic space with a well-stocked bar.

10. Canoe, Toronto

Canoe Restaurant

High-end restaurant on the 54th floor offering an experimental twist on Canadian food. A popular venue to mark special occasions, the cuisine, views over Lake Ontario, and ambiance make for a memorable experience.

11. Reyna on King, Toronto

Reyna On King - Food

Self-described as the "cool kid” - this Mediterranean restaurant focuses hard on atmosphere and ambiance. Settle in under the faux hanging garden ceiling for some tapas while throwing back a cocktail or two.

12. Enoteca Sociale, Toronto

Enoteca Sociale - Pasta

Going one step further than Italian cuisine, Enoteca Sociale focuses on the gastronomic goods of Rome. Visit for freshly-made pasta in a recently-renovated setting. The venue also offers two nightly chef's table seatings.

13. DaiLo, Toronto

DaiLo - Meat

Holistic restaurant built on a "eat well; live well" philosophy. The venue serves a creative menu of New Asian cuisine with French influences. DaiLo is equally popular as a location for drinks.

14. Yasu, Toronto

Yasu - Sushi

Prix fixe omakase restaurant with an lofty reputation. Guests are served a sushi selection made using the freshest fish available on the day. A sought-after dining experience; bookings are taken well in advance.

15. Miku Toronto, Toronto

Miku Toronto

Self-proclaimed as Toronto’s first aburi restaurant - a Japanese cuisine meaning "flame-seared". Patrons visit this sushi venue for its premier food, upmarket ambiance, and attentive service. Order a mix of shared dishes and single rolls.

16. Oretta King West, Toronto

Oretta King West - Interior

Exciting art deco restaurant serving high(er) end Italian food, in a relaxed atmosphere. Destination spot that's a bit of a scene.

17. The Chase, Toronto

The Chase Plate

Fine-dining restaurant and bar in the financial district boasting a highly sophisticated interior and outdoor terrace. Offering an international menu, this refined dining space is ideal for special occasions.

18. Wvrst, Toronto

Wvrst Food

A homage to Oktoberfest, this Bavarian-inspired beer hall is the destination for artisan sausages and a stein of craft beer. Descend upon either of their city center locations for a social dinner and drink. A community atmosphere.