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Arts & Culture in Hamburg

Welcome to the vibrant arts and culture scene in Hamburg! From world-class museums and galleries to cutting-edge theater and music performances, there is something for everyone to enjoy in this diverse city. Are you curious about where to find the best street art in Hamburg? Join us as we explore the rich cultural landscape of this dynamic German city.

1. Hamburger Kunsthalle, Hamburg

Hamburger Kunsthalle Art

One of Hamburg's premier museums. Houses an impressive collection of art, spanning a variety of genres and periods. Check out the Transparent Museum on the ground floor, or head upstairs for the contemporary art collection.

2. Hamburg State Opera, Hamburg

Hamburgische Staatsoper Interior

Considered one of the finest opera houses in the world, and a stunning example of modern architecture. The theatre seats up to 1,800 people in plush seats, creating a suitably grand and opulent atmosphere. Keep tabs on the event calendar.

3. Deichtorhallen, Hamburg

Deichtorhallen Space

Housed in two huge, historic market halls, the galleries feature a rotating selection of contemporary art and photography. A jewel in Hamburg's cultural crown. Keep tabs on the museum's event calendar too.

4. Congress Center Hamburg, Hamburg

Congress Center Hamburg Interior

A multi-purpose venue that is one of the most popular and well-equipped centers of its kind in the country. Comprises a spacious room for trade fairs, complete with high ceilings and large windows. Keep tabs on the event calendar.

5. Jenisch House, Hamburg

Jenisch Haus Interior

History museum located within the famous Jenischpark. Full of period pieces and intricate details, including Biedermeier-era sculptures and gilt finishes on its façades. Check out the neighboring Ernst-Barlach Haus too.

6. Automuseum Prototyp, Hamburg

Automuseum Prototyp Exhibition

Provides insight into the world of automotive prototypes. Features heritage models to present-day Formula One cars. Find an impressive collection of over 100 vehicles, including the iconic Beetle from Disney's "The Love Bug".

7. Museum of Art and Design Hamburg, Hamburg

Museum Für Kunst Und Gewerbe Orange

Houses an impressive collection of objects from around the world, ranging from ancient artefacts to modern exhibitions. Showcases jewellery and furniture, amongst other things. Visit the Spiegel-Kantine cafeteria for refreshment.

8. Bucerius Kunst Forum, Hamburg

Bucerius Kunst Forum Art

A phenomenal exhibition space that is known for its loan collaborations with renowned, international museums. Houses a remarkable collection of art, and stages an interesting calendar of events within its 200-person auditorium.

9. Kampnagel, Hamburg

Kampnagel Outdoor

Kampnagel is an international center for fine arts - Germany's largest independent venue. At its essence, it's a creative and engaging complex for production companies, artists, and creators. Keep an eye on the event calendar.

10. Kunstverein In Hamburg, Hamburg

Kunstverein In Hamburg Hall

One of the country's oldest and most prominent arts organizations - dedicated to fostering creative experimentation and discussion. International artists exhibit - mostly - large art installations and videos in this space.

11. Produzentengalerie, Hamburg

Produzentengalerie Arts

A lesser-visited art space that is exhibits a variety of contemporary artists. Alongside being committed to creative innovation, Produzentengalerie seeks to be a valuable platform for emerging artists.

12. Panoptikum, Hamburg

Panoptikum Front

German's oldest wax museum. Home to a variety of historical figures and contemporary celebrities - most hold a serviceable resemblance to their inspiration. In reality, not an essential stop on a Hamburg tour.

13. International Maritimes Museum, Hamburg

Internationales Maritimes Museum Night

This museum spans nine floors - each one dedicated to a different aspect of maritime history and culture. Housed in a former grain silo, this is a great spot for history buffs, or those looking for a educational experience.

14. Laeiszhalle, Hamburg

Laeiszhalle Hamburg

A concert hall played by the likes of Richard Strauss and Sergei Prokofiev - an ideal venue for seeing classical compositions and early-romantic performances. The theatre has two halls - one with 2,000 seats, the other with 150.