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Cafes in Hong Kong

Looking for the best cafes in Hong Kong to satisfy your coffee cravings? Look no further! From cozy corners to bustling city hubs, Hong Kong offers a plethora of cafes serving up rich espresso, creamy lattes, and delectable pastries. Wondering where to find the best latte art in Hong Kong? Keep reading to discover the top cafes worth visiting in this vibrant city.

1. Kubrick, Hong Kong

Kubrick Interior

More than just a café, Kubrick is also a bookstore, vinyl and CD shop, and art house cinematheque. As such, Kubrick is a junction for music lovers, cinephiles, and caffeine seekers. They sell books in English and other foreign languages.

2. NOC Coffee Co., Hong Kong

NOC Roastery - Interior

This trendy Hong Kong café specializes in Arabica coffee, using only the finest beans during the roasting and brewing processes. From medium to dark roast, they have something for everyone’s taste. The food menu is equally appealing.

3. Cupping Room, Hong Kong

Cupping Room - Sheung Wan - Coffee

A popular locale in which to get caffeinated - Cupping Room's popularity has led to the opening of numerous branches throughout the city. Coffee is roasted on-site, and the menu features a variety of speciality blends of global origin.

4. Elephant Grounds, Hong Kong

Elephant Grounds - Sweet

Chain café that pairs speciality coffee with an all-day brunch menu - the beans are roasted in house, and the food is made with premium Japanese ingredients. Relax in their nature-themed spaces, complete with background indie-pop music.