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Cafes in Mexico City

Looking for the best cafes in Mexico City to satisfy your coffee cravings? Look no further! From traditional Mexican coffee shops to trendy specialty cafes, Mexico City offers a diverse and vibrant coffee scene that caters to all tastes and preferences. Are you wondering where to find the best chilaquiles and coffee combination in Mexico City? Read on to discover our top picks for cafes in the bustling metropolis.

1. Buna - Café Rico, Mexico City

Buna 42 Dessert

Buna are all about conscious brewing - priding themselves on coffee products that conserve Mexican ecosystems. The space itself is also clean and minimal. Buna's baristas know their stuff too.

2. Cicatriz, Mexico City

Cicatriz Granola

A casual eatery founded by American expats, serving brunches, lunches, and generous salads. Come evening, they whip up some mean cocktails, alongside an impressive wine list. Go early to secure a spot as they don't do reservations.

3. El Olvidado, Mexico City

El Olvidado Dessert

Unassuming little breakfast spot in a cutesy neighborhood. If you're making the trip there, you can't leave without grabbing one of their freshly-baked pastries or two, or three 🥮.

4. Almanegra Café, Mexico City

Almanegra Cafe Croissant

Loosely translated as "Blacksoul", Almanegra may be small in size, but they know how to make a coffee - be it a flat white, cold brew, or slow-drip. Best enjoyed as pick-up to enjoy on the sidewalk. The café also offers a small food menu.