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Shopping in Istanbul

Are you looking to experience the ultimate shopping adventure in Istanbul? Look no further! Istanbul is a shopper's paradise, boasting a rich variety of traditional bazaars, modern malls, and bustling markets. With countless options for unique souvenirs, trendy fashion items, and luxurious goods, shopping in Istanbul offers something for every taste and budget. Ready to explore the vibrant shopping scene of this Turkish metropolis?

1. Homer Kitabevi, Istanbul

Homer Kitabevi Books

Has an extensive genre of books on Turkish culture and politics. This Galatasaray institution is renowned for being the perfect place to find classic academic texts or contemporary novels.

2. Mae Zae, Istanbul

Mae Zae Plates

Provides a wide range of design styles, including contemporary and vintage. Find a carefully curated selection of accessories, clothing, and home décor from brands such as Mia Rossa, Boho Vesper, and Brandwho.