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Shopping in Rome

Are you planning a trip to Rome and looking forward to indulging in some retail therapy? Shopping in Rome offers a unique experience, with its mix of high-end designer boutiques, stylish fashion stores, and traditional markets. From luxury brands on Via dei Condotti to charming artisan shops in Trastevere, Rome has something for every kind of shopper. Curious about the best shopping districts in Rome or where to find authentic Italian leather goods? Keep reading to discover all you need to know for a successful shopping spree in the Eternal City.

1. Almost Corner Bookshop, Rome

Almost Corner Bookshop Exterior

Tucked into the lively Trastevere, Almost Corner Bookshop stocks thousands of carefully-selected titles, with a special highlight of English language fiction novels set in Rome. Ask the owner about the name. It's a fun little story.

2. Massimo Alba, Rome

Massimo Alba Menswear

Has a warm and welcoming feel with its vintage furnishings and Persian rugs. Alba's designs are sought-after for their classic Italian style, and use of eco-friendly methods and materials. Provides both casual wear and formal wear.

3. Battistoni, Rome

Battistoni - Interior

A menswear brand that has been crafting shirts, suits, ties, and leather goods for over 70 years. Offers ready-to-wear and bespoke items. Battistoni has gained a loyal following of style icons including Marlon Brando and King Umberto.