Bars in Lisbon

Looking to experience the vibrant nightlife of Lisbon? Look no further than the city's diverse array of bars offering everything from trendy rooftop spots with stunning views to cozy hole-in-the-wall taverns serving up traditional Portuguese cocktails. Whether you're in the mood for craft cocktails, local wines, or tasty appetizers, Lisbon's bar scene has something for everyone. Looking for the best happy hours in Lisbon? Keep reading to discover the top bars to check out during your next visit to this bustling European city.

1. Senhor Uva, Lisbon

Senhor Uva - Wine and food 1

Natural wines and plant-based dishes in a residential neighborhood next to Jardim da Estrela. All ingredients are sourced from local producers so expect a fresh and seasonal menu. Reserve a space in advance.

2. Red Frog, Lisbon

Red Frog - Part of interior

Celebrated speakeasy hidden within Monkey Mash - a bar of the same owners. Access is subtle, with guests needing to ring a bell underneath the red frog fixed to a wall. Expert, artisanal cocktails within. Bookings are essential.

3. O Pif, Lisbon

O Pif - Interior

Wine bar born from the kindled passion and extensive travels of its French ex-lawyer proprietor. Order by the glass and enjoy it with artisan burrata, seasoned olives, and bread. A relatively new but already celebrated venture.

4. Holy Wine, Lisbon

Holy Wine - Wines

Hole-in-the-wall shop and bar that prides itself on delivering a quality collection of natural wines. Find bottles sourced from Portugal, Italy, Austria, and Spain, as well as artisan bread and other finger foods.

5. A Ginjinha, Lisbon

A Ginjinha Exterior

In this standing-room-only bar, the “original cherry liqueur” was born in 1840 🍒. A small, but strong, shot will give you a taste of authentic Portugal.

6. Toca da Raposa, Lisbon

Toca Da Raposa - Cocktails

Chic but cozy bar just a short walk from the Carmo Convent. Toca da Raposa highlights sustainability with its seasonal, foraged, and locally-sourced ingredients. Cocktails are complemented by craft beers, wine, and a few food options.