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Shopping in Lisbon

Are you looking to experience the vibrant shopping scene in Lisbon, Portugal? From trendy boutiques to traditional markets, Lisbon offers a diverse range of shopping opportunities for every taste and budget. Discover unique souvenirs, beautiful ceramics, and stylish clothing while exploring the charming streets and neighborhoods of this historic city. Wondering where to find the best deals in Lisbon? Let's uncover the top shopping locations and hidden gems together.

1. Silva & Feijóo, Lisbon

Silva & Feijóo - Interior

Acquired by the Museu do Pão group, the historic shop sells a variety of traditional goods - from vintage homeware to fresh bread and a myriad of other Portuguese foodstuffs. Worth a visit for mementos or local specialties.

2. A Outra Face da Lua, Lisbon

A Outra Face da Lua (Baixa) Interior

A fun cafe, bistro, goods, and vintage clothing store all in one. The location is close enough to walk to from the city center. The second-hand items are organized by color and often great quality.

3. Burel Factory, Lisbon

Burel Mountain Originals Shelves

Beautiful and high quality wool products like scarves, blankets, and rugs. The wool is locally sourced, from the Serra da Estrela mountains.

4. Flur, Lisbon

Flur Music

Spend hours rummaging through a generous collection of vinyl records. Spanning genres and eras, the owners are careful to stock a big variety. The best part: listen and play around on the decks before buying.

5. Icon Shop, Lisbon

ICON Shop Ceramics

A wonderful showcase of the very best in local Portuguese art and design, carefully curated by Ines Mendes and Maria Manuel Lacerda. Think ceramics, leather goods, art pieces. A must-visit for unique keepsakes or gifts to take home.

6. Verso Branco, Lisbon

Verso Branco Red

It may appear a mere homeware store, but it's really a celebration of creative form. Expect items curated, not just for their function, but for their ability to make a statement within the home. Also enjoy the gallery space downstairs.