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Shopping in Tokyo

Are you a shopping enthusiast looking to explore the vibrant and eclectic fashion scene in Tokyo? Look no further than this guide to shopping in one of the world's most fashion-forward cities. From luxury designer boutiques in Ginza to quirky and unique finds in Harajuku, Tokyo offers a shopping experience like no other. Are you wondering where to find the best deals on Japanese streetwear or traditional crafts? Keep reading to discover the top shopping destinations and hidden gems in Tokyo.

1. Postalco, Tokyo

Postalco - Entrance

The main location of brand Postalco, there's a boutique and cozy feel that follows the craftsmanship from the in-store workshop to the manicured displays. Specializing in high-end stationary, notebooks, and bags.

2. Anatomica, Tokyo

Anatomica - Clothes

A high-end fashion retailer that offers a unique shopping experience. From sleek and stylish suits to cool and casual denim, they've got their shoppers covered. Offers a wide range of sizes and fits.

3. Maach Ecute Kanda Manseibashi, Tokyo

a hallway with arched doorways and wooden floor

This commercial facility lives under the railway arches – next to the Kanda River. Housing popup shops, trendy eateries, and organic coffee shops with a real “hang out for the day” vibe.

4. Lisn, Tokyo

Colorful incense sticks in front of a beige wall

Lisn, ironically named, is an incense store. Dating back to 1705, over 150 types of incense are for sale in a gallery-esque display. Perfect place for an unusual gift.

5. Engineered Garments, Tokyo

Engineered Garments Clothes

Offers a range of men's and women's apparel suited for any occasion. From casual khaki trousers and blue chambray shirts, to more formal seersucker jackets - shoppers will find everything they need to create a timeless wardrobe.

6. Call, Tokyo

Call Dessert

Provides a unique shopping experience, complete with a café and fresh market. Browse through beautiful Japanese items like wooden bowls and chandeliers, and then enjoy a light meal to refresh.

7. Akomeya Tokyo in La Kagū, Tokyo

Akomeya Tokyo in La Kagū - Exterior

Using a repurposed storage facility, this mini department store, come bookstore, come popular café is an experience. Housed in an urban, open-plan setting – Akomeya's bohemian space is a vibe best felt.

8. Maruni, Tokyo

Maruni - Furniture

Part fashion, part home space, on the minimal size of minimalistic, this furniture store stocks pieces for any clean-living home. Think airy white spaces with exposed wood.

9. Matsuya Ginza, Tokyo

Matsuya Ginza - Exterior

Flagship department store in the heart of Ginza offering a luxe shopping experience. From international wares to homegrown designer brands, this department store is an obvious hit with window shoppers and locals alike.