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Dinner Spots in Los Angeles

Looking for the perfect dinner spot in Los Angeles? Look no further! With an array of diverse cuisines and trendy restaurants to choose from, the dining scene in LA is sure to impress even the most discerning foodies. Whether you're craving fine dining, casual eats, or a unique culinary experience, Los Angeles has it all. Ready to explore the best dinner spots in the City of Angels? Let's dive in! One question that may often get searched for is: "What are the best dinner spots in Los Angeles?"

1. Cole's, Los Angeles

Cole's - Food

Landmark saloon-style restaurant known for its 100-year-old french dip sandwiches. It's still hard to say whether the food or the drink is the biggest draw. Enjoy premium spirits and drafts in the backroom speakeasy.

2. Bottega Louie, Los Angeles

Bottega Louie - Interior

Bottega Louie is a spacious restaurant, gourmet market, and French patisserie. While serving classic Italian dishes, the name is arguably best known for its macarons. Visit for brunch, lunch, or dinner - or just grab-and-go.

3. Bob's Big Boy, Los Angeles

Bob's Big Boy - Sign

The historic Bob's Big Boy has been serving burgers, breakfast, and American-style comfort food since the 1940s. Request the "Beetles Booth", where the musicians once dined. Robert DeNiro's 1995 crime film "Heat" was also filmed here.

4. Cecconi's, Los Angeles

Cecconi's West Hollywood - Food 2

Specializing in Venetian-style Italian cuisine, this upscale restaurant offers an elegant ambiance with indoor and outdoor seating. Browse their happy hour menu for cocktails too - enjoy drinks on the terrace when possible.

5. Cafe Stella, Los Angeles

Cafe Stella - Food

Cafe Stella is a bistro with a romantic atmosphere. Enjoy classic French dishes such as mussels, escargot, and steak. Their craft cocktails and red wine selection make it ideal for date night. Stay for drinks after eating.

6. Night + Market Song, Los Angeles

Night + Market Song

Thai restaurant with a focus on flavor and atmosphere. As much a place to enjoy social drinks with friends as it is to indulge in pad thai and curries. A single venue in its origin, there are now three locations on the West Coast.

7. Sushi Gen, Los Angeles

Sushi Gen Food

Simple sushi bar known for delivering great food in a wood-clad, no-frills environment. Stop by early for lunch deals or dedicate an evening to sushi and beef teriyaki. Expect queues - especially on weekends.

8. Bar Amá, Los Angeles

Bar Ama Food

Bar Amá is a restaurant and bar that specializes in Tex-Mex and tequila cocktails. Visit for a dinner of queso and enchiladas, or better yet; stop by during their Super Nacho Hour for signature cocktails and snacks.

9. Eveleigh, Los Angeles

Eveleigh 2

Restaurant with a rustic-chic charm serving American-European cuisine. Eveleigh also prides itself on its sustainable farm-to-plate philosophy. A retractable roof allows for an indoor-outdoor dining experience.

10. Chez Jay, Los Angeles

Chez Jay - Food

Local institution with tons of history, Chez Jay is a go-to for burgers, steak, live music, and drinks. Located right by the beach and has been lauded by the Wall Street Journal. Eat in the restaurant and then drink in The Backyard.

11. Norah, Los Angeles

Norah 3

Located in the heart of West Hollywood, Norah is an upscale American restaurant known for its sophisticated monochrome decor and impeccable takes on classic dishes, making it a favorite among the local glitterati.

12. Bavel, Los Angeles

a restaurant with white stools and plants hanging from the ceiling

From the founders of Bestia, restaurant Bavel serves Israeli and Middle Eastern cuisine in Downtown LA's Arts District.

13. Pine & Crane, Los Angeles

a bowl of beef noodle soup on a wooden table

The greatest hits of Taiwanese cooking in a hip corner of LA's Silver Lake.