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Dinner Spots in Mexico City

Looking for the best places to dine in Mexico City? Look no further! From trendy rooftop bars to hidden gem taco stands, Mexico City has a vast array of dining options to choose from. Are you craving traditional Mexican cuisine or looking to try something new and unique? Let us guide you to the top dinner spots in Mexico City for an unforgettable culinary experience.

1. Sud 777, Mexico City

Sud 777 Tasting Menu

Led by chef Edgar Nuñez, Sud 777 cooks fresh Mexican cuisine made with local produce and ingredients - the tasting menu changes according to the seasons. Make sure to reserve ahead of time.

2. La Casa de las Sirenas, Mexico City

La Casa de Las Sirenas Plates

Traditional Mexican fare with some delightful contemporary twists. The 1754-built terrace offers impressive views of the city's historic center - from the Metropolitan Cathedral, to the Templo Mayor Museum.

3. Campobaja, Mexico City

Campobaja Conchas Shells

Campobaja prides themselves on temporality, so the menu is always designed around the products available at a given time. Fresh and sustainable, with a focus on seafood.

4. Dulce Patria, Mexico City

Dulce Patria Entrance

Located inside the luxury Las Alcobas hotel in upmarket Polanco, Dulce Patria is part restaurant, part gallery. Largely focused on contemporary Mexican cuisine presented through ornamental small platings.

5. El Mayor, Mexico City

El Mayor - Portion pasta

El Mayor strikes a winning trifecta: great food, great service, and magnificent views. The restaurant's terrace overlooks the Metropolitan Cathedral and provides probably the best vantage point from which to see the Templo Mayor ruins.

6. El Sella, Mexico City

Bar El Sella Food

More so a restaurant than a bar, El Sella evokes the vibe of an old-school cantina. The establishment is not only a popular day-drinking joint, but a local go-to for some of the best chamorros in town.

7. Pujol, Mexico City

Pujol Food

Inspired by the concept of Japanese omakase bars - Pujol's dishes change every day. Opt for either the true omakase-taco experience, or the Mexican tasting menu. Also of note: there are wine pairings for each dish.

8. Sartoria, Mexico City

Sartoria Plate

Trained by the Michelin-starred Massimo Bottura, chef Marco Carboni delivers one of Mexico City's finest Italian dining experiences. Sartoria uses ingredients direct from Italy, and specializes in fresh pasta.