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Arts & Culture in Mexico City

Discover the rich and vibrant arts and culture scene in Mexico City, a hub for creativity and expression. From ancient Aztec ruins to contemporary art galleries, this bustling metropolis offers a diverse range of experiences for art enthusiasts. Are you curious about the best museums to visit in Mexico City? Let us guide you through the top cultural attractions in this dynamic city.

1. Templo Mayor Museum, Mexico City

Museo Templo mayor Exterior

An exhibition of the once Main Temple of Mexica Peoples - a showcase of life prior to the Spanish arrival. Experience an archaeological site that keeps the city's heritage at the forefront of collective memory.

2. Museum of Modern Art, Mexico City

Museum of Modern Art Staircase

Mexico City's Museum of Modern Art that features works by native, and global, contemporary artists. Inaugurated in 1964, and is committed to offering visitors a transcendent experience.

3. Museo Tamayo, Mexico City

Tamayo Museum Arts

Public museum within Chapultepec Park exhibiting contemporary art pieces - including sculpture, photography, paintings, and mixed-medium. One of the establishment's premier collections is from its founder, Rufino Tamayo.

4. Palacio de Bellas Artes, Mexico City

Bella Artes Palace Exterior

No need to be an architecture buff to appreciate the beauty of the Palacio de Bellas Artes. This museum and cultural center is home to some of the most famous names of Mexican Muralism, like Diego Rivera and José Clemente Orozco.

5. House of Gaga, Mexico City

House of Gaga Collection

House of Gaga only ever features one artist at a time. Make sure to check who is on exhibit before planning your visit.

6. Soumaya Museum, Mexico City

Museo Soumaya Exterior

Private museum founded by Mexican billionaire, Carlos Slim. Soumaya Museum comprises five floors of artwork, and cuts an imposing shape in the city's skyline. Over 66,000 pieces feature within - the majority being of European origin.

7. Galeria Enrique Guerrero, Mexico City

Galería Enrique Guerrero Art

Unmissable part of the Mexico City art scene.

8. Dolores Olmedo Museum, Mexico City

Dolores Olmedo Museum Exterior

Dolores Olmedo Museum is set in a 16th century hacienda, featuring beautiful sprawling gardens, with a large collection of some favorite Mexican artists 🎨.