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Arts & Culture in Bangkok

Are you looking to immerse yourself in the vibrant arts and culture scene of Bangkok? With a rich history and a diverse array of artistic influences, Bangkok offers a unique and exciting cultural experience for visitors and locals alike. From traditional Thai dance performances to contemporary art galleries, the city has something to offer for every art enthusiast. What are the best art galleries to visit in Bangkok? Explore the arts and culture of Bangkok with our insider's guide.

1. Atta Gallery, Bangkok

Atta Gallery - Art

Thailand's first art gallery to specialize in the contemporary medium of art jewelry. They have recently expanded, allowing a greater variety of creative styles to be exhibited throughout, including craft and design pieces.

2. Jam Factory, Bangkok

Jam Factory - Sign

The Jam factory, once a collection of warehouses and factories, is a multi-use space for vendors of all types. Whether you're seeking a restaurant, bookshop, boutique, or an art gallery, this is your destination.

3. National Museum Bangkok, Bangkok

National Museum

One of the largest museums in Southeast Asia. The National Museum in Bangkok occupies a former palace and contains a wealth of historical artefacts. Permanent exhibitions range from pure history, to art and culture.

4. Bangkok Art and Culture Centre, Bangkok

Bangkok Art And Culture Centre Colors

The Bangkok Art and Cultural Centre has something for everyone - from rotating contemporary exhibits, to music performances and film events, a café, and retail stores for both gifts and books. Check the website to see what's going on.

5. 100 Tonson Foundation, Bangkok

100 Tonson Gallery - Bottles

One of the top art galleries in Thailand, featuring a range of contemporary art from both Thai and international artists. It's a small gallery, but full of interesting, thought-provoking creations. Open Thursday to Sunday.

6. Museum Of Contemporary Art Bangkok, Bangkok

Museum Of Contemporary Art Bangkok - Room

The Museum of Contemporary Art celebrates some of the top modern artists in Thailand. With a lot of focus placed on Bangkok's historical monuments, this exhibition space provides a nice change of pace.