Shopping in Rio de Janeiro

Are you looking to experience the vibrant shopping scene in Rio de Janeiro? From luxury boutiques to bustling street markets, this Brazilian city offers a wide range of shopping options for every taste and budget. Whether you're in search of designer labels or unique souvenirs, Rio de Janeiro has something for everyone. Interested in learning about the best shopping districts in Rio de Janeiro? Keep reading to discover the top spots to indulge in some retail therapy in this exciting city.

1. Argumento, Rio de Janeiro

Argumento Interior

This independent retailer has earned its name by being a haven for intellectuals and journalists during Brazil's military dictatorship. Find a large selection of social science books, bestsellers, and art-and-design books on the shelves.

2. Dona Coisa, Rio de Janeiro

Dona Coisa Front

Eclectic mix of stylish clothing, books, and perfumes with an eclectic French-inspired cafe as well. Very friendly staff.

3. Osklen, Rio de Janeiro

Osklen Interior

Now a global brand, Osklen's origins are found in a fishing village to the east of Rio de Janeiro. The clothing brand prioritizes environmental responsibility and offers both high-end casual wear and informal pieces.

4. Havaianas, Rio de Janeiro

Havaianas Beach

Iconic Brazilian brand that produces versatile and stylish flip-flops. Hundreds of different colors and designs to choose from.

5. Mercado Moderno, Rio de Janeiro

Mercado Moderno Interior

A design gallery showcasing 1940s-70s Brazilian furnishings. Mercado Moderno specializes in vintage and contemporary interior design art. The gallery also sells its wares via national and international markets.

6. Livraria Da Travessa, Rio de Janeiro

Livraria Da Travessa Shelves

One of Rio's most popular independent bookshops, Travessa has several branches scattered around the city. The historic Botafogo location was recently renovated and features beautiful tiled floors, open areas, and a garden.