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Parks & Nature in San Francisco

Are you looking to explore the natural beauty of San Francisco? From iconic parks to serene nature reserves, San Francisco offers a plethora of outdoor attractions for nature lovers. Whether you are interested in hiking through the redwoods of Muir Woods or admiring the stunning views from Lands End, there is no shortage of green spaces to discover in the city. Looking for the best parks in San Francisco for a scenic picnic? Read on to find out more about the stunning parks and nature spots this city has to offer.

1. Baker Beach, San Francisco

Baker Beach With Golden Gate Bridge

You know when you see people on Instagram with the perfect photos of the Golden Gate Bridge? They're taken here 📸. Absolutely stunning views no matter the weather. Great to lay out when the weather is nice.

2. Conservatory of Flowers, San Francisco

Conservatory of Flowers Interior

Domed greenhouse full of exotic plants 🌸. Super beautiful on the inside and fun to walk around. It's usually not too crowded in this area. There are also light shows on the outside of the building at night!

3. Twin Peaks, San Francisco

Twin Peaks Park

"The best views of San Francisco" - most people. In all seriousness, the adjoining summits do offer an unrivaled 360-panorama of the Bay Area. Come sunrise, sunset, or any hour in between. The 64-acre park also offers some gentle hikes.

4. Hidden Garden Steps, San Francisco

Hidden Garden Steps Blue

Beautiful staircase that began as a community project in 2005. Each set is a mosaic 🖼 tile art piece.

5. Lands End Trail, San Francisco

Lands End Trail Wood

Stunning hike that winds through cypress forests and along rocky ocean cliffs 🏞️, culminating with a view of the Golden Gate Bridge. There are a few spots to wander off worth a slight detour like the rock labyrinth and Sutro Baths ruins.

6. Golden Gate Park, San Francisco

Japanese Tea Garden

Massive public park. Home to concerts like Hardly Strictly Bluegrass and Outside lands. Includes the Japanese Tea Garden, Conservatory or Flowers, and several museums. Keep an eye out for bison.

7. Ocean Beach, San Francisco

Ocean Beach Capture

Peaceful beach that never feels crowded, even on a warm and sunny day. Good place to surf, but the water isn't quite "LA beach warm". The Great Highway that borders it closes on weekends, making it a great place for beachfront bike rides.

8. Fort Funston, San Francisco

Fort Funston - Nature 1

A favorite among dog walkers. Fort Funston is a park nestled between Lake Merced and the North Pacific. Due to its 200-foot cliffs, the coast is also a popular site for hang gliding. A great viewpoint for sunset panoramas.

9. Japanese Tea Garden, San Francisco

Japanese Tea Garden Trees

The oldest Japanese Garden in the United States. Take a tranquil walk around the well manicured grounds. You can also grab a cup of green tea and some snacks. Don't go without climbing over the Moon Bridge.

10. Transbay Transit Center, San Francisco

Salesforce Transit Center Overview

Futuristic transit center that functions as the fulcrum between the East Bay and the Peninsula. Notable due to the rooftop park that is a great place for a walk above the streets among the skyscrapers.

11. Lands End Lookout, San Francisco

Lands End Lookout Bridge

Lookout point on the Bay peninsula with access to Sutro Baths and the Lands End Coastal Trail, the latter of which culminates in a view of the Golden Gate Bridge. A great spot to catch a sunset over the water.

12. Mission Dolores Park, San Francisco

Mission Dolores Park View

Unique sloped park with incredible views 🌁 and incredible people watching. Dolores is also rare for San Francisco in that it actually gets sun 🌞 on a consistent basis. Hard to beat with an El Farolito burrito and Pliny beer in hand.