Activities in Singapore

Are you looking for exciting activities to do in Singapore? Look no further! From thrilling theme park rides at Universal Studios Singapore to serene walks through Gardens by the Bay, there is something for everyone in this vibrant city. Are you wondering about the best time to visit Singapore for outdoor activities? Read on to discover all the amazing things you can experience in this dynamic destination.

1. Singapore Sports Hub, Singapore

Singapore Sports Hub 3

The multifaceted 35-hectare Singapore Sports Hub houses numerous facilities, including two Olympic-size swimming pools, a kayaking and canoeing center, the Singapore Indoor Stadium, and the 55,000-seater National Stadium.

2. Capitol Theatre, Singapore

Capitol Theatre - Exterior 1

A historic theatre and film house that spurs a feeling of nostalgia. And whilst some of décor may be a nod to previous decades, renovations have seen the addition of an 800-seat cineplex. Visit for films, music, and live performances.

3. Victoria Concert Hall, Singapore

Victoria Concert Hall

Victoria Concert Hall is a performing arts center and home of the Singapore Symphonic Orchestra. Attend any one of the venue's shows - admire the building's refurbished architecture and clock tower whilst there.