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Arts & Culture in Singapore

Singapore's rich arts and culture scene is a unique blend of traditional and contemporary influences, making it a vibrant hub for creativity and expression. From world-class museums and galleries to colorful street art and eclectic performances, there is something for everyone to enjoy in this bustling city-state. Looking to explore the diverse cultural heritage of Singapore? Join us as we delve into the must-see attractions and hidden gems that showcase the country's artistic flair. Curious about the best time to visit Singapore's arts and culture scene?

1. ArtScience Museum, Singapore

Artscience Museum - Leds

One of Singapore's premier museum spaces located within an iconic, lotus flower-shaped building. Inside are an assortment of exhibits that combine art, science, culture, and technology. The interactive light exhibits are showstoppers.

2. Asian Civilisations Museum, Singapore

Asian Civilisations Museum - Interior

Singapore has a rich history as a port city, facilitating trade throughout Asia. This museum honors that past, with exhibits and artefacts from all over the continent showing how societies have interacted and connected.

3. Singapore Tyler Print Institute, Singapore

Singapore Tyler Print Institute Art

A creative workshop and contemporary art gallery. The venue holds annual exhibitions alongside organizing print and papermaking workshops and guided tours. Practicing printmakers can book a fully-equipped workspace.

4. Reflections at Bukit Chandu, Singapore

Reflections At Bukit Chandu Exterior

Reflections at Bukit Chandu is a restored colonial bungalow commemorating the Battle of Opium Hill. Interactive exhibits pay tribute to the bravery and losses during World War II and the nation's experience under Japanese rule.

5. National Design Centre, Singapore

National Design Centre Interior

Located in the arts and entertainment district of Bras Basah–Bugis, the National Design Centre hosts design exhibitions and events. Visitors can join seminars, shop, and indulge in cocktails and rice bowls at Tanuki Raw.

6. Gillman Barracks, Singapore

Gillman Barracks - Inside

Contemporary art compound housed within a preserved colonial barracks - the architecture sets the tone for a day spent browsing the gallery spaces. There are refreshment and dining venues on-site too.

7. National Gallery Singapore, Singapore

National Gallery Singapore Interior

Housed in two national monuments, National Gallery Singapore is the world's largest repository of Southeast Asian art, with a focus on Singaporean works. Explore exhibitions, book a tour, and cap off the day in the Courtyard Lounge.

8. Taksu, Singapore, Singapore

Taksu Singapore Painting

An influential Southeast Asian contemporary art specialist and gallery, TAKSU boasts a collection with a distinctly urban edge. Visit to discover up-and-coming creators and browse the institute's ever-changing exhibits.