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Neighborhoods in Stockholm

Are you looking to explore the diverse and vibrant neighborhoods of Stockholm? From the historic charm of Gamla Stan to the trendy vibes of Södermalm, there is a neighborhood in the Swedish capital to suit every taste. Discover the best places to eat, shop, and soak in the local culture as we take you on a virtual tour of the fascinating neighborhoods in Stockholm. Can't decide where to stay in Stockholm? Let us help you find the perfect neighborhood for your next visit to this beautiful city.

1. Östermalm, Stockholm

Östermalm - View

Östermalm is an affluent neighborhood in Stockholm. There is plenty for the tourist to experience here, from great restaurants and shopping, to a vibrant nightlife that includes posh nightclubs and swanky bars.

2. Djurgården, Stockholm


Djurgården is an island near the center of Stockholm consisting largely of the National City Park. Additionally, this island is home to a selection of museums and an amusement park. An ideal locale for a day of leisure.

3. Gamla Stan, Stockholm

Gamla Stan

This small island is the historic center of Stockholm and is home to such sites as The Royal Palace and the Stockholm cathedral. It is known for having the best cocktail bars in town, as well as fine dining.

4. Södermalm, Stockholm

Södermalm - Stairs

This island, located at the center of Stockholm, is one of the trendiest and most popular areas in the city. It offers a wide array of attractions and entertainment options, including shops, restaurants, bars, and museums.