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Bars in Toronto

Looking to explore the vibrant nightlife of Toronto? Look no further than the city's diverse array of bars! From trendy cocktail lounges to bustling sports bars, Toronto has something for every type of nightlife enthusiast. Are you wondering where to find the best happy hour deals in Toronto? Let's dive into the bustling bar scene of this Canadian metropolis.

1. Midfield Wine Bar, Toronto

Midfield Wine Bar - Food and wine 1

Intimate bar in the center of Little Portugal that boasts an extensive collection of wines - over 350 different bottles at a time. Once they have picked their vintage, guests can dine and drink inside or out.

2. Black Dice Café, Toronto

Black Dice Café - Drinks 1

Retro-aesthetic bar serving a mix of Japanese beers and hard liquors. A popular spot to meet up with friends, select some songs on the vintage jukebox, and throw back a few sakes. Atmospheric and cash only.