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Bars in Rome

Are you looking for the best bars in Rome to enjoy a night out in the Eternal City? From trendy rooftop lounges with stunning views to cozy wine bars tucked away in the historic streets, Rome has a vibrant nightlife scene waiting to be explored. Whether you're craving a classic Italian aperitivo or a craft cocktail with a modern twist, Rome's bars offer something for every taste and occasion. Keep reading to discover the top bars in Rome that are sure to elevate your evening.

1. Cul De Sac, Rome

Cul De Sac Wine

Cul De Sac serves Italian wines with antipasti. Relaxed and welcoming neighborhood spot - a mix of locals and tourists. Many come for the wine but stay for the handmade pastas. In the summer, tables are added to the alfresco terrace.

2. Fischio, Rome

Fischio Bar

An outdoor bar known for its natural wine, craft beer, and cocktails. In the heart of the vibrant Trionfale neighborhood, Fischio is a low-key place where you can easily pass the hours. Don't miss their music festivals and DJ sets.

3. Litro, Rome

Litro Red and White

Natural wines and natural foods in residential Monteverde. The thoughtful organic wine selection draws a cool-casual crowd. The staff know their stuff – ask questions and enjoy.

4. Antico Bar Pasticceria Mariani, Rome

Antico Bar Pasticceria Mariani Corner

Modest, and old-fashioned, bar and café. The 1878 establishment is a popular coffee haunt during the day - serving Italian pastries, biscotti, and espresso. Remains open till late evening for wine and drinks.

5. Ma Che Siete Venuti A Fà, Rome

Ma Che Siete Venuti A Fà - Drink

Perhaps the largest selection of craft beer in Rome. Known simply as "MAC" by locals, this is one of the best spots in town to watch your favorite team. Come early to grab a seat, otherwise join the crowd on the narrow street outside.

6. Bulzoni, Rome

Bulzoni Wine

A historic wine shop passed from father to sons. The long-standing institution goes beyond merely selling wine - Bulzoni serves food to pair with its vintages, and shares valuable knowledge on the entire wine process.

7. Ai Tre Scalini, Rome

Ai Tre Scalini Front

A 23-page wine list is the perfect accompaniment to food and conversation. One of Rome's oldest wine cellars, Ai Tre Scalini first opened its doors in 1895. A font of many community stories, the venue is now kept as a "living museum".

8. Verso, Rome

Enoteca Verso Interior

This wine bar offers an extensive aperitivo menu along with heavier dinner fare. Set in a cozy, cantina-like interior, Verso emphasizes natural wines - the knowledgeable servers will happily make bottle recommendations based on preference.

9. Salotto42, Rome

Salotto42 Outdoor

Hip yet tiny nightlife spot that can be a bit of a scene. Tucked into Piazza di Pietra and facing the Temple of Hadrian, it's open basically non-stop (early, late, daily) and is always a wonderful place to visit for a drink.