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Nightlife in Vienna

Looking to experience the vibrant nightlife of Vienna? Look no further as this historic city offers an array of bars, clubs, and music venues to keep you entertained until dawn. From elegant cocktail lounges to underground techno parties, Vienna has something to offer for every taste. Curious about where to find the best live music in Vienna? Read on to discover the top spots to dance the night away in this cosmopolitan capital.

1. Flex, Vienna

Flex Party

Beats and bass in a disused metro tunnel by the Danube. Flex is a dinosaur of the Vienna club scene, long synonymous with incredible music and great nights out. Dance, have a beer, and keep an eye on the venue's concert calendar.

2. Pratersauna, Vienna

Pratersauna Pool

Not as "underground" as it used to be, but Pratersauna still ranks as Vienna's top electronic club, featuring an amazing sound system in a cool venue. If you're missing Berlin nightlife the DJs here will do the trick for a quick fix.