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Nightlife in Berlin

Looking for a vibrant and eclectic nightlife experience? Look no further than Berlin! As one of Europe's top party destinations, Berlin offers a diverse range of clubs, bars, and music venues that cater to all tastes. From underground techno parties to stylish rooftop bars, Berlin's nightlife scene has something for everyone. Curious about the best places to dance the night away in the German capital? Keep reading to discover the top hotspots for nightlife in Berlin.

1. Berghain, Berlin


Berlin's techno mecca. Famous venue known as much for its sound system as its long lines.

2. Hoppetosse, Berlin

Hoppetosse Exterior

One of Berlin's more peculiar clubs, Hoppetosse is a permanently moored ship ⛴ that now features an amazing roof deck and small dance floor pumping techno music.

3. Humboldthain Club, Berlin

Humboldthain Club Interior

Built into S-Bahn station Humboldthain, Humboldthain Club is the rare Wedding club and wonderfully unique. Two dance floors playing either harder techno or funk, with plenty of outdoor (stadium) seating surrounding lively ping pong tables.

4. ://about blank, Berlin

://about blank 3

Unassuming from the outside, but one of the city's best party spots. A nightclub with an industrial design that features two indoor floors and an outdoor garden - expect different music genres in each space.

5. Sisyphos, Berlin


Previously a more under-the-radar club, Sisyphos has jumped into the top tier of Berlin's nightlife options along with Berghain, Kater, and Renate. Several dance floors playing various forms of electronic music await.

6. Anita Berber, Berlin

Anita Berber Bar

Bar and club inspired by icon and nude dancer Anita Berber 💃🏽. This place promises a good time and they deliver with live music and performances, to disco themed dance parties and a 1920s spirit. Killer drinks + live music = 🎉

7. Salon Zur Wilden Renate, Berlin


Spanning multiple floors of an untended "Altbau" in Friedrichshain across the Spree from Treptower Park, Salon Zur Wilden Renate lays claim to Berlin's top local's nightclub.

8. Yaam, Berlin

YAAM Exterior

Not your traditional Berlin club with thumping techno music, as Yaam (Young African Artist Market) features more live music, reggae, and other beats. Good spot for a chilled afternoon in the sun ☀️ along the river. Food carts also open.

9. Else, Berlin

Else - Benches

Colorful riverfront nightclub that is built mostly out of repurposed shipping containers. Multiple dance floors and a large outdoor patio. Great summer spot.

10. Kater Blau, Berlin

Kater Blau

The ying to Berghain's yang. Colorful outfits, lively music, open, and outdoors with a beautiful location right on the Spree.