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Cafes in Bangkok

Are you a coffee lover in Bangkok looking for the best cafes to satisfy your caffeine cravings? Look no further! In this blog post, we have curated a list of the top cafes in Bangkok that offer delicious coffee, cozy atmospheres, and unique vibes. Whether you're a tourist exploring the city or a local looking for a new hangout spot, our list has something for everyone. From trendy hipster cafes to stylish specialty coffee shops, we have you covered. So, sit back, relax, and discover the best cafes in Bangkok for your next coffee fix. Ready to explore the coffee scene in Bangkok? Let's dive in!

1. Ratio Coffee Relation, Bangkok

Ratio Coffee Relation Tart

Ratio serves all the usual coffee drinks, but also offers signature coffee innovations. The Forbidden mixes apple cider and espresso, and The Summer of Love blends coffee, passion fruit, and orange. Also offering snacks and meals.

2. Chata Specialty Coffee, Bangkok

Chata Specialty Coffee - Food

Nestled within a leafy garden, this small café serves creative, artisanal coffee drinks alongside a selection of teas, and sweet treats. Trust the baristas with an experimental coffee, and if the coconut cake is available; snag a slice!

3. 41Cafetel, Bangkok

41Cafetel - Interior

A hostel, coffee shop, and work space all rolled into one. The coffee shop is full of tables and outlets, making it a perfect spot to spend a few hours working. They also serve a variety of food items to tide you over while you work.

4. Yellow Teeth Sip N' Snap, Bangkok

Yellow Teeth Sip N' Sap Interior

Yellow Teeth is a stylish, vintage-inspired café selling specialty drinks. Their menu also features baked goods and tasty waffles.

5. Cafe Marquina, Bangkok

Cafe Marquina - Drink

This stylish café - a brainchild of the adjoining Cascade Hotel - serves creative drinks alongside breakfast and lunch eats. Visit for high-quality refreshment in a venue that is yet to be swamped by mainstream foot traffic.

6. A Hidden Lab, Bangkok

A Hidden Lab Coffee

This ultra-stylish coffee shop offers a variety of unique and well-made brews. They also serve light snacks and desserts alongside their assortment of caffeine boosts. Try a signature drink - the "Hidden Gem" is a crowd favorite.

7. Ekkamai Macchiato - Home Brewer, Bangkok

Ekkamai Macchiato - Home Brewer - Food

This café serves a selection of coffee drinks, tea, and homemade sodas - the latter of which can be infused with a variety of flavors. It's a great place for lunch; try one of their tasty Thai dishes to go along with a fancy drink.

8. Flat+White Cafe, Bangkok

Flat+White Cafe - Food 1

This ultra-modern, all-white coffee shop has gained a loyal following by way of its aesthetic décor, tasty breakfast dishes, and well-made coffees. Their selection of "dirty" coffees, in particular, have garnered some lofty reviews.

9. Holm Humble, Bangkok

Holm Humble - Coffee

Aesthetic one-stop venue for coffee and quick meals. Relaxed and with plenty of greenery, Holm Humble is an ideal spot to retreat from the Bangkok heat. Their selection of craft beers is a crowd hit too.

10. Artisan's Factory, Bangkok

Artisan'S Factory Coffee

Pairing artisanal coffee with other speciality beverages, a variety of baked goods, and hearty lunches. Artisan's Factory is a popular haunt for people looking to refresh during the day, or for those getting some out-of-office work done.

11. Gleam Lifestyle, Bangkok

Gleam Lifestyle - Café - Sweet

Hidden amongst the streets of northern Bangkok, Gleam is a contemporary café serving barista-made coffees and tasty desserts. The space is both bright and highly aesthetic - a great place to sit down and relax for an hour or so.

12. Roots Coffee, Bangkok

Roots Coffee Drink

With nine locations across Bangkok, Roots Coffee is doing something right. With an emphasis on farm-to-cup philosophy, the café takes an active role in its coffee process - from sourcing and roasting, to brewing.

13. Doctor Roaster, Bangkok

Doctor Roaster - Coffee and Sweet

Stop by the contemporary-modern Doctor Roaster to grab an barista-prepared coffee made with freshly roasted beans. Customers can choose their preferred bean blend, or go for a single-origin espresso brew. Relax in the A/C and refresh.

14. Bottom Express, Bangkok

Bottom Express Coffee

A small iteration of the hit Bangkok coffee shop, Bottomless. This minimal café serves great coffees, and well-made pastries - all in a polished, relaxed environment. There are a few tables outside, but most people order to-go here.

15. Come Escape Cafe, Bangkok

Come Escape Cafe - Muffins

It's hard to choose just one dessert at Come Escape Cafe; they have a wide selection of beautiful cakes, cookies, pies, and pastries. Grab a coffee, or other drink to go, with a dessert, and head to the outside garden.

16. F.I.X Pradiphat, Bangkok

F.I.X Pradiphat - Exterior

F.I.X is a café chain with a trio of stores throughout Bangkok - expect minimalist décor in each. The Pradiphat iteration, as highlighted, is a great place to grab a coffee and a light lunch. Enjoy refreshments alfresco on the patio.