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Arts & Culture in Austin

Welcome to the vibrant arts and culture scene in Austin, Texas! From live music venues and art galleries to film festivals and food truck parks, this city is a haven for creatives and culture enthusiasts alike. Are you wondering where to find the best street art in Austin? Join us as we explore the diverse and dynamic arts landscape that makes this city truly unique.

1. Blanton Museum of Art, Austin

The Blanton Museum Of Art Gallery

University art museum and gallery with over 21,000 modern, Latin, and contemporary artworks in its permanent collection. Temporary exhibits, lectures, and outdoor spaces, further its standing as a haunt for art lovers.

2. Harry Ransom Center, Austin

a building with glass doors

University of Texas research center housing an extensive collection of manuscripts, photographs, books, and other artifacts. Works include originals by Frida Kahlo and unpublished notes by Albert Einstein.