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Parks & Nature in Lisbon

Are you looking to explore the natural beauty of Lisbon? Look no further than its stunning parks and nature reserves. From the lush greenery of Eduardo VII Park to the breathtaking views of the Arrabida Natural Park, Lisbon offers a plethora of outdoor experiences for nature lovers. Wondering where to find the best hiking trails in Lisbon? Let us guide you through the top spots for outdoor adventures in this vibrant city.

1. Jardim Do Torel, Lisbon

Jardim Do Torel Park

Such an idyllic 19th-century garden as this is hard to come by, with views of Lisbon that envelop the esplanade. The Jardim do Torel is atop one of Lisbon's seven hills and must be reached by the Lavra funicular.

2. Jardim da Estrela, Lisbon

Jardim Da Estrela Lisbon

Guerra Junqueiro Garden - the official name of this neighborhood park - is referred to as the Jardim da Estrela by its local community, on account of its proximity to the eponymous basilica. It's ideal for urban relaxing.

3. Eduardo VII Park, Lisbon

Eduardo VII Park View

26-acres of manicured lawns and hedges at the center of the city. A welcome urban respite from the concrete hustle and bustle. Enjoy views of the surrounding city, and of the nearby Tagus.