Parks & Nature in Berlin

Welcome to Berlin, a city known for its flourishing green spaces and stunning natural landscapes. From the lush Tiergarten to the peaceful Grunewald Forest, Berlin offers a wide array of parks and nature reserves for visitors to explore. Are you searching for the best outdoor spots to relax and recharge in Berlin? Look no further - our guide to Parks & Nature in Berlin has got you covered.

1. Landwehrkanal, Berlin

Landwehrkanal - Bridge over Canal

Berlin's first man-made waterway, with construction beginning in the mid-19th century. A great place to wander during free time - the banks are punctuated by notable landmarks, such as the German Museum of Technology.

2. Wannsee, Berlin

Villa by the water at in the sun

The perfect fairytale-like vistas make this well worth the trip, even for an overnight or weekend stay. Think lush forests, gleaming lakes, and neoclassical architecture.

3. Treptower Park, Berlin

Treptower Park Daily

One of the most picturesque parks in the city, Treptower offers lush greenery perfect for leisurely strolls alongside the river front. It's also home to the breathtaking Soviet War Memorial, the biggest of its kind outside Russia.

4. Berlin Botanical Garden, Berlin

Berlin Botanical Garden  Plant Arrangement

The worlds second largest botanical garden 🪴. Beautiful outside and inside the glasshouses 🌴. Stunning light display around Christmas 🎄.

5. Pfaueninsel, Berlin

Pfaueninsel Castle

Idyllic island that feels like something out of a story book. Big castle-looking buildings and tons of peacocks wandering around. Good for a picnic or a walk on a sunny day. Take the ferry over for four euros.

6. Viktoriapark, Berlin

Viktoriapark Nature

For when you need a quick retreat from the city lights. Especially gorgeous when the streams are full and the waterfall is flowing, it's a popular sunset picnic spot, and offers the perfect vantage point for epic views of the city.

7. Monbijoupark, Berlin


Not a huge park, but somehow tons of unique spots are hidden around every corner. Between being across from Museum Island, having both an outdoor gym and basketball court, and being barbecue friendly makes this one of the Berlin favorites.

8. Tiergarten Park, Berlin


Big park that's home to The Berlin Zoo 🦍. Lots of walking paths, rivers, and spots to sit. Stop at the lakeside beer garden Café am Neuen See for a beer, then head south for some small artsy shops and museums.

9. Tiefwerder Wiesen, Berlin

Tiefwerder Wiesen Nature

Unbelievable stretch of wilderness right by the city. Go here for hikes, walks, and just general zen vibes.