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Neighborhoods in Mexico City

Mexico City is a vibrant metropolis known for its diverse neighborhoods, each offering a unique and rich cultural experience. From the historic center of Coyoacán to the trendy districts of Roma and Condesa, there is a neighborhood to suit every visitor's taste. Are you wondering which neighborhood in Mexico City is best for exploring local markets and street food? This guide will help you discover the hidden gems and must-visit areas in this bustling city.

1. Centro Historico, Mexico City

Centro Historico

Centro Historico is Mexico City's heart, pulsating center, and historical core. It is full of breathtaking colonial buildings, buzzing bars and cantinas, and cultural revelations. Recently, gentrification has elected it CDMX's startup HQ.

2. Colonia Condesa, Mexico City

Colonia Condesa Building

This neighborhood should come with a warning: visitors may show extreme desire to stay permanently. The streets are lined with generous, dreamy trees 🌳 alongside classic art deco buildings. Charming atmosphere.

3. Polanco, Mexico City

Poanco Arial View

A far cry from the rest of the city's rugged appeal. It hosts plush eateries, designer boutiques, and grand department stores - as well as the Anthropology Museum and Soumaya Museum. Not much of a cultural highlight - go for the museums.