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Arts & Culture in Rome

Immerse yourself in the rich history and vibrant arts scene of Rome, where centuries of artistic expression come to life in museums, galleries, and ancient ruins. From world-famous masterpieces like Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel frescoes to contemporary exhibitions showcasing emerging local talent, Rome offers a diverse array of cultural experiences for every art lover. Are you wondering where to find the best street art in Rome or how to book tickets to the Vatican Museums? Let us guide you through the dynamic arts and culture of the Eternal City.

1. Galleria Borghese, Rome

Galleria Borghese Art

An ornate villa made to house some of the most iconic classical art pieces by artists like Caravaggio, Bernini and Raphael. The gallery itself is small in size but packs a punch; you'll need about an hour to see it all. Book in advance.

2. Auditorium Parco Della Musica, Rome

Auditorium Parco Della Musica Design

Parco Della Musica is a public music complex that features a futuristic concert structure with three auditoriums. Each auditorium resembles a pod, and hosts various art events. The complex also contains a small archaeology museum.

3. Centrale Montemartini, Rome

Centrale Montemartini Interior

A museum of classical Roman art and archaeology set in a twentieth-century power plant. The novelty of ancient art juxtaposed with modern industrial architecture will not disappoint. A bit tricky to get to, but worth the effort.

4. Galleria Lorcan O'Neill, Rome

Galleria Lorcan O'Neill Paints

Lorcan O'Neill's white exhibition space is a perfect contrast to the gallery's Renaissance-style housing. Artists are exhibited irrespective of artform or theme - O'Neill, foremost, places value on the creators themselves.

5. Galleria Alessandra Bonomo, Rome

Galleria Alessandra Bonomo Colors

An underappreciated gem. Located on a side street, and filled with contemporary art from both young international artists and established Italian names. Features artwork by the likes of Margrét H. Blöndal and Marisa Merz.

6. Sacripante Art Gallery, Rome

Sacripante Art Gallery Sign

Art gallery dedicated to the artistic lowbrow movement. Features works such as Martina Scorcucchi's 1930's-inspired exoticism photography. Also, the on-site mixology bar is a refreshment spot favored by the neighborhood's locals.

7. Capitoline Museums, Rome

Capitoline Museums Stairs

A great, and more central, alternative to the crowded Vatican Museums. The Capitoline features some of the most famous sculptures of Roman antiquity, portrait busts by Bernini, and painting galleries on the top floor.

8. Museo Dell'Ara Pacis, Rome

Museo Dell'Ara Pacis - Exterior

Ara Pacis means "Altar of Peace" and was commissioned to honor Emperor Augustus. The dedication took place in 9 BCE. The museum, designed by Richard Meier, houses just the altar, a marvel of ancient architecture and relief sculpture.

9. Chiostro del Bramante, Rome

Chiostro Del Bramante Room

A beautifully preserved cloister with an inner courtyard. Amongst other things, the multipurpose space presents a variety of cultural and artistic exhibitions. Visitors can also enjoy the café and bistro inside.

10. Museo Nazionale Romano, Palazzo Altemps, Rome

Museo Nazionale Romano, Palazzo Altemps 1

Palazzo Altemps is a museum about art collecting, preserving a Renaissance family's acquisitions of Classical Roman art. It is known for sculpture, but the palace, which was once a residence, is adorned throughout with stunning frescoes.

11. Maxxi, Rome

MAXXI contemporary exterior

Italy's first public institution devoted to contemporary art. Whilst exhibiting a contemporary expression, the Maxxi also seeks to promote cultural innovation and artistic experimentation. The building itself was designed by Zaha Hadid.

12. Galleria Sala Uno, Rome

Galleria Sala Uno Art

Founded in 1970 with the express purpose of creating a space for experimental art forms, Sala 1 continues its legacy to this day. The non-profit exhibits work from across the world, and looks for pieces with an innovative slant.