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Dinner Spots in Rome

Looking for the best dinner spots in Rome to indulge in authentic Italian cuisine? Look no further. From charming trattorias serving up classic Roman dishes to elegant fine dining establishments overlooking the city's iconic landmarks, Rome has a plethora of options to satisfy your appetite. Want to know where to find the best carbonara in Rome? Keep reading to discover our top recommendations!

1. Coropuna, Rome

Coropuna Interior

Serves inventive and delicious Asian fusion. The ceviche is bright and zingy, the gyoza are crispy and perfect, and the tiradito is wonderful. The atmosphere is electric, with a great mix of people coming to eat, drink, and dance.

2. Assuntina, Rome

Assuntina Food

Seafood focused menu. Mostly traditional recipes with a few dishes with a modern twist mixed in. Try their Cannolicchi Gratinati for starters.

3. Flavio Al Velavevodetto , Rome

Flavio Al Velavevodetto Exterior

Great spot for Roman classics, including polpette al sugo and cacio e pepe. Relatively nondescript interior, but the ingredients are all high quality and naturally grown either in Lazio or nearby.

4. Marzapane, Rome

Marzapane Plate

Where ancient recipes are refreshed. Whilst remaining loyal to Italy's culinary traditions, Marzapane's "dual chefs" enjoy creative license with their range of dishes. The restaurant focuses on delivering a dynamic tasting experience.

5. Pianostrada, Rome

Pianostrada Corner

Pianostrada's all-female founding crew have created an open-kitchen experience that leans heavily on Italian-sourced ingredients. Their salt cod burger with squid-ink bun, in particular, has become a local favorite.

6. SantoPalato, Rome

Lunch on the terrace

All the trappings of a retro Roman trattoria but with new-age flavor, thanks to stand-out chef Sarah Cicolini. Ask one of the servers for help navigating the expansive wine list. Located in the San Giovanni neighborhood.