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Cafes in Rome

Are you looking for the best cafes in Rome to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee and soak up the vibrant atmosphere of the Eternal City? Look no further! From charming espresso bars tucked away on cobblestone streets to trendy modern cafes, Rome has a diverse array of options to satisfy every coffee lover's cravings. Join us as we explore the top cafes in Rome and discover where to find the perfect cappuccino or espresso in this bustling Italian city.

1. Pasticceria Regoli, Rome

Pasticceria Regoli Maritozzi

Regoli's standout is the maritozzo, a fluffy bun stuffed with lightly sweetened whipped cream, but don't overlook their tarts. There's not much seating, so grab your treat of choice and head to the nearby Piazza Vittorio to enjoy.

2. Caffè Peru, Rome

Cafe Peru Interior

Just steps away from the historic Piazza Farnese, this unassuming bar is a Roman institution. Its neon and stainless steel interior is perfectly retro. Come with friends, or alone with a book, and enjoy a coffee, spritz, or nightcap.

3. Caffè Ciamei, Rome

Caffè Ciamei Exterior

Ciamei began roasting their own coffee beans a century ago, and the tradition continues today on-site They also know their way around a sandwich. Try a tramezzino if you’re hungry