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Dinner Spots in Austin

Are you looking for the best dinner spots in Austin? Look no further! Austin is home to a vibrant food scene with an array of options to choose from. Whether you're in the mood for mouth-watering barbecue, innovative fusion cuisine, or classic Tex-Mex dishes, Austin has something for everyone. So, where should you dine tonight in Austin? Let's explore some of the top spots together!

1. Kemuri Tatsu-Ya, Austin

Kemuri Tatsu-Ya Food

Cozy Japanese restaurant with some added Texan influence. Great place to order a bunch of dishes and share around the table. Sit inside or out, but make a reservation if visiting on the weekend - it has a habit of being busy.

2. Matt's El Rancho, Austin

Matt'S El Rancho - Plates of food

Austin institution serving Tex-Mex since 1952 - enchiladas, burritos, and all the other classics. Has developed a solid reputation as a family-friendly venue. Dine on the outside patio to the sound of birds and the fountain.

3. Barley Swine, Austin

Barley Swine - Food 1

Restaurant serving sophisticated dishes made with local produce. Their seasonal, prix-fixe menu takes away all decision fatigue and allows guests to focus on their dining experience. Book the kitchen counter to watch the chefs in action.

4. Fonda San Miguel, Austin

Fonda San Miguel - Food

Elegant Mexican restaurant in a hacienda-style space. The dinner menu offers the likes of duck enchiladas, Yucatan-style broiled fish, and three-cauliflower tacos. Many guests linger after their meal for drinks.

5. Justine's, Austin

Justine's Outdoor

Imagine steak, escargot, and wine on a moonlit patio - enter Justine’s. This cozy, French brasserie serves up a refined selection of European dishes in an intimate indoor-outdoor setting. Visit for both the atmosphere and food.

6. Clark's Osyter Bar, Austin

Clark'S Osyter Bar - Seafood

Beloved restaurant with a menu, unsurprisingly, headlined by oysters - Clark's is committed to serving some of the best seafood in Austin. Capitalize on the venue's indoor-outdoor dining spaces and eat alfresco. A community favorite.

7. Odd Duck, Austin

Odd Duck Bar

Trendy spot giving visitors a taste of Austin - each dish is made with locally-sourced ingredients and the menu changes according to the seasons. Take a seat at their open kitchen bar and embrace the chill atmosphere.

8. Launderette, Austin

Launderette Plate

Refined dining in a refurbished laundromat. Launderette has quickly become a favorite among both locals and travelers. Get the full menu experience by ordering plates to share - plus, don’t skip out on the dessert.

9. Kinda Tropical, Austin

Kinda Tropical Burger

Light bites and refreshing drinks in the unique setting of a refurbished gas station. Ideal for a happy hour drink and burger. Kinda Tropical also has a large patio with outdoor seating for those good weather days.