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Weekend Trips in Toronto

1. Muskoka District Municipality, Toronto

Muskoka - Nature

A 6000-kilometer expanse of natural beauty in Central Ontario. The area encompasses over 1500 freshwater lakes, forestland, and several farming communities. Muskoka's landscapes and wildlife make it a popular destination.

2. Kawartha Lakes, Toronto

Kawartha Lakes

Coming straight from the back of a postcard, this picturesque municipality offers four full seasons. An ideal spot to visit any time of year, guests or residents often make the most of the “lake life” and swap their tools for paddles.

3. Toronto Islands, Toronto

Toronto Islands 1

These 15 small islands make up a truly unique spot just south of the mainland. The archipelago houses a public marina, an amusement park, residential housing, and a handful of public beaches. Well worth a day trip for the experience.

4. Hamilton, Toronto

Hamilton - City Centre

Canadian port city located amid conservation areas, the Niagra Escarpment, and numerous waterfalls. A former military town; now a hub for health and sciences. Popular for its industrial heritage and access to nature.

5. Stratford, Ontario, Toronto

Stratford (Ontario) Lake

Quaint city on South Ontario's Avon River. Here, the community is coined as "Canada's Art Town" and Victorian buildings line the streets. Expect good food, a thriving creative scene, and plenty of summertime festivals.

6. Niagara Falls, Toronto

Niagara Falls (Ontario)

Some of the world's most famous waterfalls - expect crowds. The Canadian side is often quoted as offering the best views, especially of Horseshoe Falls. Elevators service the area and take visitors between observation decks.